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Exelon: Electronic work package for efficiency and savings

Exelon deploys the nuclear industry's first digital paperless work management solutions.


To maintain assets and equipment, Exelon’s planners, supervisors, and technicians relied on a “manual work package”—hard copy, printed documentation of computer generated work instructions, procedures, parts and equipment history. The utility believed that the implementation of digital technologies (exceptionally, a mobile app that could provide employees access to key information on devices such as iPads) could help reduce the costs associated with this manual process and improve data accuracy, work quality, and worker safety. However, no nuclear energy company had ever attempted to digitize its work planning and execution processes, a reality that would place Exelon in a pioneering position in the area of digital utilities.


Exelon and Accenture collaborated to roll out an Electronic Work Package (eWP) solution, introducing mobile work processes that would allow Exelon’s employees to utilize electronic work orders and supporting documents in maintenance work activities. Based on software from DataGlance and deployed using Apple iPads distributed to plant maintenance crews, this approach would enable operations and maintenance efficiencies, improve data accuracy, and create visibility in process work status.

Accenture was involved in every stage of the eWP solution—beginning with Accenture Strategy’s involvement in identifying business processes best suited for inclusion. Following a detailed analysis of Exelon’s existing and target work management processes, Accenture worked closely with client teams to gather the solution’s technology requirements, select (and then manage) the technology solution provider, and oversee the design, build, test, train, pilot, and deploy phases of Exelon’s eWP program.


Exelon and Accenture successfully collaborated to deliver a solution that is helping Exelon transform the way it manages its work processes:


Exelon’s unique eWP initiative represents the first transition of commercial nuclear power plants from paper based work packages to a completely digital solution, and is the largest change to Exelon’s nuclear maintenance processes in over a decade.

In recognition of its adoption of this industry-first solution, Exelon was awarded the 2014 EPRI Nuclear Sector “Technology Transfer” award, as well as a “Plant Support Top Industry Practice” (TIP) award from the Nuclear Energy Institute.