IX Innovation Center – Buenos Aires

Empowering organizations with innovative solutions.

Innovating and transforming the industry

The Argentinian industry is at an intersection of a new industrial revolution and it’s increasingly becoming essential for organizations to transform their value chain.

Accenture has partnered with The Argentine Industrial Union (UIA) to set up an Innovation Center with the objective of helping organizations adopt new technologies, innovate and create solutions that can help them unlock new value from within their existing business models.

Situated in the historic building of UIA, in Buenos Aires, our center brings together companies, businesses, universities and leaders from across the industries to innovate and co-create intelligent solutions by leveraging diverse and cutting-edge technologies. Together we can empower organizations, by leveraging technology and intelligence, ecosystem partner capabilities, through new and innovative solutions that solve business challenges.


Join our live webinars and discussion on topics ranging from supply chain, industry intelligence, technology transformations and more…

Talk Track 01: What is Accenture Industry X?

Talk Track 02: How are we applying artificial intelligence to debunk industry myth?

Talk Track 03: How is technology transforming companies, especially during Covid-19?

Talk Track 04: How is Cloud technology transforming organizations?


We have four digital capabilities through which we're accelerating and transforming the Argentinian market.

Industrial intelligence

We anticipate and optimize results through analytical information that predicts behaviors throughout the supply chain.

Operational agility

We anticipate and optimize results through analytical information that predicts behaviors throughout the supply chain.

Connected digital workforce

Using wearable technologies, we help to increase the productivity of qualified employees.

Industrial security

We analyze convergence and IT / OT security. We carry out vulnerability, economic impact and supplier analysis.

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What we offer

We turn ideas into actionable insights to create business value for our clients by reinventing operations, worker experience and business models.


Discover the latest trends, technologies and solutions and learn how businesses are transforming themselves through new solutions.


Discover what a perfect Industry X plant is like from the inside and become a worker of the future.


Explore new ideas and solutions for your company by applying the lessons learned in our design thinking sessions.

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