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TILA-RESPA Integration: Navigating historic regulatory change and lender implications

Read Accenture's report about how to navigate historic regulatory change and the implications for mortgage lenders resulting from the TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Regulation.


The U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) continues to drive change in the mortgage industry. The TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Regulation, released in November 2013, mandates a compliance date of August 1, 2015 for all lenders. The intricacies of the new disclosure forms and the trickle-down effect of the regulation create complexities across the mortgage value chain. It signifies a paradigm shift in the mortgage industry, from point of sale to servicing.

Lenders will need to update technology platforms, and redesign key aspects of their operations through new policies and procedures. They must immediately start work within their organizations—preparing for changes and addressing unintended consequences of the regulation.

In such a situation, finding the right partner will enable lenders to meet the demands of this game-changing regulation. Accenture Credit Services has the knowledge, experience and solutions to help mortgage originators ensure compliance.

Why Accenture

Accenture Credit Services has the expertise, experience and solutions to help mortgage originators meet the demands of game-changing regulations, including the TILA-RESPA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Regulation.

  • We provide a full suite of market-leading management consulting and technology integration capabilities backed by more than 3,000 highly skilled mortgage professionals.

  • We serve more than 100 major credit institutions, helping to reengineer processes, optimize workforce strategies, implement better technology and streamline operations.

  • We combine our consulting services with mortgage outsourcing solutions to address compliance, improve quality, reduce per loan manufacturing expenses, improve delivery cycle time and enhance customer experience.

Acting as a catalyst for high performance, Accenture Credit Services offers its innovative, end-to-end capabilities to help lenders and servicers transform operations.

Specific Services

Based on our extensive work with leading mortgage originators, Accenture has developed the Accenture Credit Services CFPB Toolset—a proven set of assets to jumpstart the delivery of regulatory compliance projects:

  • Mortgage Target State Process Flows: High-level process flows spanning origination and servicing that identify key solution changes needed to maintain CFPB compliance.

  • CFPB Business Requirements: A baseline set of business requirements mapped to regulatory rules that provide a standard template—helping clients quickly identify, document and prioritize their specific requirements in a holistic fashion.

  • Regulatory Compliance PMO Toolkit: An end-to-end program and project management framework that promotes a high level of competency and consistency.

  • Employee Readiness Methodology (training and communications): A step-by-step process that equips employees with the knowledge and skills for operating in a compliant environment.

  • Compliant Technology: A fully robust software suite, Accenture Mortgage Cadence, which will support all compliance obligations required by the Integrated Disclosure Regulation in advance of August 2015.