Accenture and Oracle: Driving returns on your analytics investments

Accenture Analytics Innovation Centers for Oracle tap the power of analytics to generate desired, quantifiable results that serve the bottom line.


Analytics offers tremendous potential for almost any business seeking growth opportunities, operating efficiencies and cost advantages.

Data-driven decisions lead to clear outcomes and measurable returns on investment (ROI).

Yet, gaining ROI from analytics remains elusive. Many businesses experience a profound disconnect between the data being gathered and the strategies, tactics and outcomes they are pursuing.

By harnessing Oracle Business Analytics technologies, we’re uniquely positioned to address this ROI challenge and help you drive favorable outcomes broken down into meaningful, quantifiable results.

We help organizations address real-world business challenges on an unprecedented scale of data and analytical power.

Why Accenture

We’ve had a longstanding alliance with Oracle and were the first member of the Oracle Partner Network to achieve Diamond status—the highest status achievable.

Our network of Analytics Innovation Centers for Oracle provides deep capabilities for clients to attain a level of analysis that was previously unimaginable.

Our solutions go beyond traditional reporting, manipulation and ETL (extract, transform, load) functions. We also offer predictive and modeling tools and the ability to incorporate unstructured data and engineered systems that enable these tools to work faster.

We’re certified in 74 Oracle specialization areas, including 15 advanced areas in which we have 50 or more certified specialists.

This expertise helps you assess your business intelligence challenges and develop an analytics roadmap to deliver the most value from your data.

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