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Accenture Omni-channel commerce solution for China

Within a decade, China’s eCommerce market could be larger than the existing markets in America, Britain, Japan, Germany and France combined.


It is hardly news that China is the most dynamic eCommerce market in the world. The rapid and dramatic growth of the number of people shopping online—and businesses moving online—as well as the amount spent using digital channels is staggering. Companies in many sectors are updating their online platforms to quickly capture and expand their piece of the digital pie.

Accenture and its alliance partners have extensive experience in helping companies develop highly customized omni-channel eCommerce platforms that can increase their brands speed to market.

The Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution offers retailers and companies (including Lacoste & PUMA) a proven end-to-end solution built with unique functionality tested to be successful in and meet the specific characteristics of the China market.

“Accenture’s solution offers Lacoste the ability to quickly reach millions of Chinese consumers, and provide them with a quality and secure online experience.”

Head of Digital at Lacoste

Omni-Channel Commerce

Much is written, blogged and tweeted about consumers’ migration to digital channels, but that suggests a one-way trip into the digital cosmos. The truth is more complicated: just as no man is an island, no channel exists in a vacuum.

The new normal for today's connected consumers is the presumption that they should be able to surf from channel to channel and have a seamless, consistent experience as they move. This "omni-channel" experience requires companies to develop and integrate scores of strategic and operational insights, assets and capabilities end-to-end, ranging from core merchandising and marketing strategies at the front-end to robust order management and logistics operations at the back-end.

Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution for China

Gaining and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage in China’s eCommerce Market.



Why Accenture

The Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution for China offers retailers and consumer goods companies a reliable, cost-effective end-to-end suite of capabilities from which to launch new online channels, while striking the right balance between standardization and customization.

The combination of our capabilities and functionalities generates ongoing value for companies in four distinct ways:

  • Time and Labor Saving

  • Reliable and Scalable Solution

  • More Client Control Over Merchandising Content

Discover the full range of eCommerce capabilities from Accenture

Specific Services

Our robust end-to-end solution meets retailers’ and consumer products companies’ requirements for both reliable, efficient front-end capabilities, and back-end services and operations:

Customer-Centric Front-end Capabilities

  • Merchandising & Site Management

  • Digital Platform & User Experience Optimization

  • Customer Care / Call Center

Complete Back-end Support

  • CRM & Marketing (including Customer Insights & Segmentation)

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Finance & Administration Support

For more information on the Accenture Omni-channel Commerce Solution and Accenture Interactive:

Brigid Fyr

Accenture Interactive Global Managing Director, Omni-channel Commerce