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Commercial Analytics for consumer goods

Accenture Commercial Analytics for consumer goods help companies expand information management strategies and achieve positive business outcomes.


Accenture helps CPG companies gain insights from your data – enabling you to make faster and smarter decisions as you tackle your most complex business issues. From generating consumer insights that inform product development or engagement strategies and help you respond to consumer demand, to implementing enterprise analytics that help improve your operational performance, we can help you turn insights into action and action into tangible results.

Why Accenture
Accenture has decades of CPG industry experience, proven analytics models and highly skilled analytics team members. Our comprehensive portfolio of analytics services for CPG simplifies each step from data sourcing to generating insight to identifying the right actions to increase business value across processes.

Specific Services

  • Consumer Insight

  • Shopper Analytics

  • Merchandising and Space Analytics

  • Distributor Channel Insight

  • Price and Promotion Analytics

  • Forecast and Inventory Optimization

  • Trade Promotion Optimization

  • Marketing ROI

  • Enterprise Analytics

  • Human Capital Analytics

  • Risk and Volatility Management

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Data Management

Accenture Perfect CPG Analytics

Delivering on the rapidly evolving and diverse needs of consumers and customers around the world calls for drawing deeper insights from big data to make quicker, fact-based decisions. Descriptive and predictive analytics on supplier, product, shopper, consumer, customer, promotions and channel data can accelerate your journey from insight to action, and deliver benefits throughout the extended enterprise – integrating capabilities and relevant data. Accenture helps CPG companies bridge the gap between analytics aspiration and analytics ability through Accenture Perfect CPG Analytics, a set of end-to-end services that gives you access to a broad range of talent on demand so you can quickly align resource needs with business priorities—all at a fraction of the cost of the traditional model.


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