Agile Organization for Financial Services

Enabling banks, insurers and capital markets firms to drive transformation, innovation, agility and change at speed and scale.


Financial Services organizations are continuously exposed to intense pressures linked to market forces, customer expectations, globalization, structural changes like divestments and acquisitions, cost reduction, digitization and regulation among others, and the ability to change constantly has become a competitive advantage. Agile organizations will thrive in this volatile and digital world, while those trapped in legacy business models and unable to change fast will fall behind. We help clients succeed in an age when agility is the new strategic imperative.

Our approach is:

  • Insight-driven – uses powerful data to inform change decisions

  • Agile – iterative and with high speed to value

  • Innovation-powered – explores new possibilities and brings ideas from outside-in

  • Digitally-enabled – embeds changes using digital tools

  • Human-centered – designed for colleagues and customers

Strategic Change Partnerships

The need to change has never been greater for Financial Services organizations but the ability to change is now a critical competence.


Andrew Young

Andrew Young

Global Lead – Talent & Organization for Financial Services



The highest performers have 30-50% more change going on. We shape, lead and deliver the change journeys that matter most for Financial Services organizations—from growth, regulation and cost-reduction programs in today’s business to thorough structural and digital transformations that will create your new business. We deliver change that is insight-driven, agile, innovation-powered, digitally-enabled and human-centered. By doing this, we enable our clients to achieve successful change outcomes, increase business performance and lower execution risk.

Change Partnerships

Change partnerships empower banks and insurers to optimize returns on change investments, reduce change costs, and lower execution risks. We help clients to optimize their change investments and professionalize their internal change capabilities, as well as to provide change managed services built on Accenture’s global change expertise and innovation architecture. Our engagements encompass all facets of change, including ways of working, teams, methods, tools, offshoring, reporting and governance, portfolio prioritization and benefits realization. These partnerships help clients to optimize return on change investments, reduce change costs and lower execution risk across the whole portfolio.

Enterprise Agility

Truly agile organizations have two times greater probability of top quartile financial results and they will thrive in a world of disruption and opportunity.  We help clients move from ‘doing agile’ in IT to reinventing their whole enterprise as an agile organization, underpinned by flexible operating models and innovation as a way of life. This means rewiring these organizations to put in place the new skills, roles, teams, structures, culture, leadership, operations, products, channels and digital tools they need to increase their speed to market and their resilience in the face of disruption.