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Advertising Operations


Disruption remains the norm for Advertising Operations. Ad Ops is often stretched and understaffed—and media & entertainment companies frequently lack the necessary tools, training or strong career paths to bolster these capabilities within their organization.

The Battle for Talent

  • Role complexity leads to long onboarding

  • Skill-building requires investment

  • Top talent hard to retain

Exponential Volume

  • Ad transactions are increasing exponentially

  • Content is expanding across devices and platforms

  • Linear TV is fragmenting

Revenue Pressures

  • Unclear operational efficiency gains

  • Advertisers want value-added services

  • Dependence on analytics to drive yield

Tools Proliferation

  • Multiple platforms required

  • Unique processes, interfaces for each

  • Tools not meeting business needs

Capabilities for High Performance

Successfully transforming Advertising Operations creates strategic lift across the organization. Effectively outsourcing commodity-type functions can bring increased efficiencies, integrated capabilities, greater functionality, and improved satisfaction—with reduced investment in service transition.

Ad Analytics

Improved targeting and ROI through audience, inventory and performance analytics

Ad Product Development

Design and development of digital content in a follow-the-sun delivery model to accelerate time to production while reducing investment

Advertiser Support

Consultative support services for new and potential advertisers that help them optimize campaigns and grow their business

Ad Campaign Support

Trafficking, serving, monitoring, quality assurance and platform support ensuring high quality and efficient 24/7 ad delivery

Multimedia Platform Support

Design, implement and deliver a leading-edge, cross-media digital advertising platform based on pre-integrated best of breed market products provided by selected partners

Accenture Services

Accenture’s comprehensive, integrated, end-to-end solutions can be customized to meet our clients’ needs across digital marketing and advertising. Through careful investment in talent, capability development, strategic acquisitions, and technology partnerships, we have built a large and diversified group of Ad Ops professionals and established market-leading solutions and capabilities.