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Accenture enterprise customer system

Enabling banks with real-time customer insight across all banking channels.


Accenture Enterprise Customer System provides banks with a single consolidated view of a customer and the relationship in real-time and across all banking channels, enabling an improved customer experience and driving increased revenues and profitability through timely and relevant offers and relationship-based pricing.

By providing a unified and integrated platform to access a single view of the customer in all channels, the Accenture Enterprise Customer System helps banks:

  • Differentiate with an improved customer experience
    Accenture Enterprise Customer System empowers bank staff to engage with customers in an informed way. It provides a complete view of the customer relationship and interactions to all channels in real time, enabling staff to provide the high levels of service that customers demand.

  • Increase share of wallet
    Drive more cross sell opportunities with better customer insight. A compete view of a customer in the channel enables informed sales decisions resulting in increased success rates. Accenture Enterprise Customer System provides the information to ensure offers are timely and relevant.

  • Reduce costs
    Reduce operational costs by using a single platform to provide a unified view of the customer to all banking channels. Reduce compliance costs by ensuring all the customer information is in a single place when required.

  • Reduce operational inefficiencies
    Accenture's unique technology for channel and system integration allows for aggregation of data from disparate systems, for an easily accessible and complete customer information and history without costly data migration.

  • Drive profitability
    With comprehensive information about customers, their products, interactions, preferred channels, and cost to serve, banks are able to price offerings based on the value of the customer relationship.

Specific Services

The Accenture Enterprise Customer System helps banks overcome the challenge of integrating all of a customer’s information by reaching out across all channels to retrieve the latest information in real time at the moment it’s needed.

The Accenture Enterprise Customer System:

  • Assembles a composite view in real time from disparate systems

  • Is highly flexible, configurable and scalable

  • Aggregates data across channels on-demand, avoiding costly data migration

  • Offers multi-entity, multi-currency, and multi-language support

  • Provides a single 360-degree view of customer data across all channels, including contact history and documentation

The system provides:

  • Flexible SOA/BPM integration model, built on SOA principles and an open-source Java stack

  • SOA model reduces the complexity of integrating multiple existing systems including legacy and core banking systems

  • Real-time environment enabled by Accenture's technology for channel and system integration, the Accenture Multichannel Platform