Enable commerce on the customer’s terms

With an explosion of new customer touchpoints across the modern marketplace, brands are increasingly embedding themselves in people’s lives. Customers now expect more meaningful experiences where they can buy, anytime, anywhere.

What’s more, to deliver on this expectation, brands are now using so many different platforms across marketing, sales and social that it can be difficult to piece together a coherent picture of customers’ wants and needs.


of consumers expect the same kind of experience with every brand they encounter. Source: 2018 Global Consumer Pulse Research, Accenture​

Unite the moments, own the shopping experience

Total Vision for Retail, Accenture Interactive’s new solution in partnership with Adobe, employs data collected throughout the customer journey to better inform interactions, product offers and engagements. This scalable, future-proof solution delivers a single view of the customer that enables more connected experiences.

With this foundational infrastructure and data in place, brands can orchestrate an informed, seamless experience tailored to the customer’s exact preferences.

Make deeper connections

Total Vision for Retail works across all key stages of the buying process, taking the emphasis away from individual touchpoints and technologies, and focusing on positive emotional experiences that create brand affinity long into the future.


Marketing tools and analytics dashboards help optimize the discovery of your products and services, as well as gathering customization preferences.


Make your content consistent across digital and physical channels. Data and visualization tools empower sales reps to provide the personal touch.


Engagement data informs new product categories and marketing campaigns for future communications.

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