There’s a bright future ahead for the global automotive industry and the broader mobility market, although executives might find it hard to see it through the current wave of disruption. Yes, the automotive and related industries are being challenged as never before, as sophisticated new technologies and tectonic changes in consumers’ expectations place enormous pressure on traditional business models. But those same forces are opening compelling new opportunities in mobility for automotive and many other companies that think boldly about the future and their role in it.

Mobility is a rapidly converging industry encompassing a vast web of various players—including automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), original equipment suppliers (OESs), Mobility Service Providers, technology innovators, and utility companies. Everyone is asking the same question: What strategic direction should I take now to avoid missing out on the mobility market’s tremendous future opportunities?

In this paper, we tackle four of the topics within our framework, each of which is critical to all players in the mobility industry.

Shared mobility: From ownership to on demand

Technological, consumer, and regulatory trends all point to a shift in how people prefer to get around—from accessing vehicles, to accessing mobility, and ultimately, to expecting mobility on demand.

eMobility: The electrification challenge

An eventual all-electric vehicle future is inevitable but significant uncertainty remains on the timing of that reality and what is required to accelerate eMobility adoption for the mass market.

Customer centricity: The eCommerce imperative

As consumers increasingly value shopping convenience and transparency, automotive companies need to develop a robust, seamless digital marketplace that personalizes the customer journey.

Applied intelligence and data monetization

While most companies agree AI has substantial promise, they haven’t established the business case. Our analysis quantifies where automotive companies can invest in AI and the returns they can expect.

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With massive disruption comes opportunity for those willing to make bold moves—now is not the time to be timid. Accenture is happy to lead you on your journey.

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