How to make the most of software as a service


Organizations are turning to the cloud first for core business functions. They seek breakthrough results as applications become increasingly powerful and the security and scalability of the cloud more reliable.

Broader SaaS adoption requires organizational and operational change to manage applications effectively. It also demands a new approach to ongoing application management to deliver the business promise of SaaS.

SaaS is increasingly a “must have” software of choice for many organizations. But, realizing the benefits and value is only possible if the services are effectively—and continuously—managed.


Accenture has discovered a number of critical success factors in delivering application management for SaaS. 

  1. Build a support organization that is scalable and able to deliver short burst projects.

  2. Define support roles and verify alignment with SaaS requirements.

  3. Equip support organization with the right technology skills and agile methodology.

  4. Employ intelligent tools to harvest previous experience and use automation to infuse intelligence into IT delivery, resulting in breakthrough productivity, performance and quality gains.

  5. Create an organizational framework for continuous improvement that can harness ongoing SaaS innovations.


Saideep Raj
Global Cloud First Lead
Managing Director, Accenture
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Bhaskar Ghosh
Group Chief Executive
Accenture Technology Services
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