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Efma-Accenture Distribution and Marketing Innovation Awards

Celebration of innovations and bold thinking in the banking industry


Since 2013, the Efma-Accenture Banking Innovation Awards has helped drive innovation in the industry, encouraging financial institutions to develop disruptive strategies to propel banking into the future. The annual ceremony recognizes and showcases the best innovations. It is an unrivalled networking event, and an opportunity for banking executives to explore bold new thinking in the industry.

Watch highlights from the 2017 Efma–Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards Ceremony



This year’s ceremony will take place in Lisbon, Portugal on Wednesday, October 17 at 9am. You can register to watch the live broadcast of the event.



Efma Awards will be given in the following categories:

Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
Innovations aimed at becoming a data-driven bank leveraging analytics and artificial intelligence at scale. Innovations in this category include for example an analytics-dedicated center of excellence as well as data monetization initiatives and artificial intelligence solutions to provide new support and advisory services.

Neobanks & Specialized Players
Innovations from Digital Attackers with a banking license or new brands launched by incumbents aimed at creating a scalable new end-to-end value proposition, such as new mobile-only brands or pan-European platform banks for SMEs. This includes innovative strategies and offerings that enable faster and more agile growth in terms of customer acquisition and segment penetration.

Digital Marketing & Communication
Innovations aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness of the marketing funnel or at rethinking how the bank reaches its customers for marketing purposes in the digital space, also increasing customer and prospect awareness and boosting contact-to-sales conversion.

Offering Innovation
Innovations aimed at widening the traditional banking product offering, with niche-oriented products as well as value added services. Innovative products and services that bring the bank outside their traditional boundaries right into the customer's daily life and needs. This category also includes innovations that enable faster, easier and safer payments for customers.

Phygital Distribution & Experience
Innovations in Banks’ physical and digital distribution channels aiming to enhance and reinvent the Bank-Customer relationship and to change how Banks engage the customer at every touchpoint, providing a seamless and personalized experience. Innovations in this category may include new retail experiences, mobile or social, through sales or service channels.

Workforce Experience
Innovations aimed at empowering a bank's workforce or strengthening workforce methodologies and processes, leveraging technology to infuse a high-value human touch in the relationship model. Innovations in this category may also include new tools or methods for measuring performance as well as initiatives that aim to diffuse a digital culture, facilitating long lasting behavioral changes.

Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking
Innovations that demonstrate an institution's recognition and objective to address social issues (e.g. inclusion, diversity), to support SMEs in their development, to build an environmentally-friendly policy and to nurture customers’ trust.

Global Innovator
This category aims to award the most innovative player that successfully committed its vision to innovation, developing innovative projects in different areas to continuously transform its business model. (A dedicated application will be required and the winner will be independently identified by an expert jury).

“We continue to be impressed with how DMI Award winners leverage digital technologies to create innovations that generate value for clients—in terms of customer experience—and also for banks, to help gain market share, drive revenue growth and deepen client relationships, while reducing costs. Digital industrialization in managing the underlying processes in customer engagement is rapidly increasing year after year as customer experience is increasingly critical given the competition that retail banks are facing from non-traditional competitors. While the majority of this year’s winning banks are from Europe, they represent numerous countries, showing that innovation knows no boundaries.”


Global Managing Director of Accenture Distribution and Marketing Services

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