Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company S.A., which operates in 28 countries, engaged Total Logistics, an independent logistics and supply chain consultancy now part of Accenture, to advise on the building of a storage facility in Ploiesti, Romania, that would meet its high standards and its needs for:

  • Efficiency
  • Environmental Protection
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Flexibility

Driving success through automation

Coca-Cola Hellenic identified its plans to expand capacity in the future and needed to know if its existing site could facilitate its projected development and have the capacity for additional storage. Our specialist supply chain team examined the existing processes at the Ploiesti plant and looked at various options for providing increased storage and the associated benefits. We identified the optimal solution and subsequently ran an invitation to tender, which led to the appointment of FKI Logistex as the solution provider.

What Accenture did

Total Logistics undertook an analysis of the processes at the bottling plant, which currently operates six production lines, and developed a planning model, taking into account the peak production and dispatch volumes and the projected demand of 198,000 units per hour.

Working with local management, the Total Logistics supply chain consultancy team considered several manual and automated options before finally recommending an automated high-bay storage solution. Total Logistics provided an initial design, taking palletized products from existing production lines via the main conveyor and into a storage area with the capacity for 35,000 pallets. The high-bay, clad-rack warehouse will be served by 11 automated cranes to create an efficient retrieval system.

Value delivered

The new automated high-bay system is thought to be the first in Romania. The system can handle up to 290 pallets per hour on intake and 490 pallets per hour for dispatch. Following the success of the project, Total Logistics was appointed by Coca-Cola Hellenic to carry out further projects in Romania and in other countries.

The new system enables the facility to handle around:


returnable glass bottles (RGB) per hour


plastic bottles (PET) per hour


cans per hour across six production lines

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