Unified management across T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom and new technologies in customer service and back-office management offered the companies an opportunity for impressive efficiency gains. To stay successful, the companies needed to provide better customer service and have employees focused on higher value work.

Accenture helped deploy Applied Intelligence into their customer service processes by introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This innovation helped front-office contact center workers do their jobs more easily while automating more tedious and repetitive back-office tasks. As a result, the companies use their resources more strategically, employees enjoy more fulfilling jobs and customers receive faster and more accurate service.

Relationships were just as critical to success as technological expertise. Process experts from T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom worked with Accenture as a highly cooperative project team.

"Millennials are digitally savvy. They want fast-paced roles where they can use technology wisely and make a difference. If we were going to attract and retain the best, we knew we needed to use technology to automate the boring bits and make our human roles more significant."

– KATERINA SUVARINOVA, Head of Back Office & Technical Care – T-Mobile Czech Republic & Slovak Telekom

Intelligence at work for all

By implementing Robotic Process Automation, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom achieved 60-90 percent reduction of manual steps for the automated processes. Have a look at what the client and Accenture have to say about it.

T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom

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Strategy and solution

Abundant challenge, big opportunity

T-Mobile Czech Republic, Slovak Telekom, and Accenture joined forces in Accenture’s Innovation Studio in Milan to delve into the potential of RPA. They studied all available data, investigating the nuances of the customer information flow throughout the business. Together, they identified which processes, when fully automated, would have the biggest impact on company performance and formulated a plan to integrate the processes within all of the companies’ customer information systems. The companies pinpointed IT deficiencies, which, once corrected, could vastly benefit from RPA solutions, such as direct integration with CRM and Front End technical development for call center agents. Once implemented, the opportunity gains (for efficiency and ROI) would be impressive.

"Accenture didn’t just help us complete one project. They introduced the whole idea of robotic process automation. Then they helped us build the infrastructure, strategic processes and skills that will allow us to continue on this journey. We’re a much more sophisticated and innovative organisation now, confident in our ability to use RPA in ways that will have a proven impact on the broader business."

– PETER SKODNY, Chief Customer Experience & Transformation Officer – T-Mobile Czech Republic & Slovak Telekom

RPA Implementation ROI


Reduce the need for hard-to-find service reps, re-deploy talented staff into more strategic roles.


Find cost efficiencies in augmented operations, contributing to the bottom line.


Engineer errors and bad data entry out of the system.


Identify, test and implement best-practice technologies.


Streamline redundant processes, making order processing easier.


Transfer skills to in-house team, laying foundations for future automation.

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Customer first

The transformation program targeted 12 processes covering specific points in the customer service journey and aimed to identify repetitive and redundant actions and opportunities for improvement.

The team analysed every step in the journey, from the customer’s first point of contact to the completion of their requests. The old system required employees in the contact centers to manually enter data consuming valuable customer service time and creating opportunities for data errors. Both front and back office processes could be more efficient with better data quality and simpler processes.

Automating the T-Mobile Czech Republic Process

Back office optimization

After automating core, complex processes linked to six applications within the CRM system, contact center professionals now work with a re-designed interface, with easier access to existing information and more menus to take orders and provide consistent service. The most visible automation impact took place in the back office, where the least interesting and most repetitive tasks are now done by machines. The process flow is now delivering more accurate service to customers with shorter fulfilment times.

Automating the Slovak Telekom Process

Center of excellence

Knowing that automation will play an increasingly important role in their business, T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom wanted to use this opportunity to develop this as a core competence for their future growth. Therefore, all the work happened in partnership.

Accenture developed solutions, then coached the clients on how to implement them in their own organization.

All of T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom’s newly-honed automation resources came together in a new Center of Excellence. Today, the resources are employed beyond the original project, continuing to optimize and drive innovations in automation without having to rely on external help.


Paying for Itself

The automated systems delivered targeted OpEx savings and a return on investment in less than 18 months, and the team expended 60 to 90 percent less manual effort for select processes. In addition, the systems leave less room for error and front-line workers have better client conversations and more satisfying jobs. Accenture acted as a true partner in the project, sharing risk by basing 80 percent of their remuneration on results and benefits delivered. The automation literally paid for itself.


FTEs freed for redeployment


Processes automated

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