A mid-tier asset manager wanted to digitally enhance its workforce to gain market share. It knew that its retail sales team would benefit from mobile tools capable of providing key information. In addition, the company was ready to unify and apply the best thinking of its business sponsors, applying a catalyst for uplifting its capability in design creativity and rapid development.

Looking to digitally transform its retail sales capability, this mid-tier asset manager partnered with Accenture to design an interactive capability that would engage and empower its retail sales team. Developed using Accenture’s Fjord design studio and methodology, the application was rapidly implemented using the Salesforce Lightning framework and Accenture’s Cloud First/Cloud Sherpas team. The completed digital platform provides the comprehensive and timely information that the retail sales team needs to be effective and that the firm needs to realize its business and digital objectives.

A mobile tool delivers timely and succinct information to an asset manager’s retail sales team.

Strategy and solution

The Accenture team brought together the company’s key sponsors from across retail sales, institutional sales, marketing and technology through a Fjord-led creative process to design the ideal experience to engage and empower the retail sales team. Together with Accenture’s creative, technology and asset management subject matter experts, the team identified user needs, areas where technology could help transform the current process and methods to address existing pain points.

Accenture’s Cloud First/Cloud Sherpas team then rapidly implemented the application using an agile style development sprint process. The mobile application was built from a combination of Salesforce platform tools (including Lightning), modern web development technologies and open-source libraries, and leveraged many out-of-the-box functions of the underlying tool to aggressively deploy custom functionality.


The completed product provides key sales information to the firm’s retail team in a timely and succinct fashion. It increases productivity not only by providing the latest information on sales, market metrics, advisor information, news and insights, but also by highlighting insights relevant to individual clients and maintaining contact schedules. The application accesses key sales and contact information, platform details and touchpoints, providing a tool for saving meeting notes and offering feedback on the success of products.

Initially provided to less than a dozen field wholesalers, the mobile platform was promptly rolled out to the rest of the sales force following the success of the pilot group. The product was built with the flexibility to be extended to other areas of the organization to help the firm realize its business and digital objectives.

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