In a tight-margin business, there’s no margin for error

Consumer insurance is a tough, commodity game—the clock’s always ticking and the players are under huge pressure. The best way to stand out is to get everything right for the customer, every time. And one leading European insurer made it their mission to do just that.

Using a solution powered by analytics and artificial intelligence, the company could find a way to understand exactly what their customers wanted and deliver a personalized experience to match—allowing both the company, and the customer, to see what happens when the right message meets the right customer.

What Accenture did

Creating a hyper-personalized customer experience

Together we created a plan that combines data mastery, powerful analytics and artificial intelligence to give the insurer’s customers a new, seamless and personalized experience. With the solution, powered by AIP+, the insurer is making all the right customer connections:

  • The company’s website provides a truly personalized customer journey, with exactly the right combination of content, pricing and products.
  • A product decisioning app enables customer service agents to offer the most relevant products and recommendations in real-time through the call center.
  • Marketing analytics visualization tools allow marketers to see trends and insights that reveal opportunities for cross- and upselling, as well as ensuring customers see the most relevant content.

Now customers experience a personalized journey across sales, marketing and services. But with a digital IQ.

Value delivered

The right message meets the right customer

Today, thanks to the power of analytics, every customer interaction for the insurer is more likely to result in a win. Machine learning means every win (or loss) helps the analytics engine continuously learn and constantly improve predictions. Marketing teams are laser-focused on getting the right message to the right customers. And the company’s website and services provided by the call center are tailored to each customer, offering a truly personalized experience.

The results?


Customers are responding. Loyalty and profit per customer are both up. And that means an annual bottom-line gain of 15%, and counting.

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