Marek B.


Marek B.




Czech Republic (English)

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Management Consulting


Master’s Degree – University of Amsterdam

What I Do

I work as a consultant in Accenture Consulting division. I specialize mainly on process modeling and process optimization projects in public sector and telecommunications industry. Currently, I am engaged in a CRM transformation project for major telecommunication company.

Day In My Life
My usual working day at Accenture starts with replying to emails and preparation of “TO DO” list for that particular day. Afterwards, I usually have a client meeting followed by internal team alignment to split tasks and set deadlines for their completion. Due to the fact that I am currently allocated on a major transformational project, it is also necessary to discuss solutions and outcomes of client meetings with other project teams during internal workshops. If internal meetings and set deadlines allow, I try to leave office in a convenient time so that I can spend evening with my girlfriend, friends or at the gym.

Outside the Office

I am a big baseball fan as I used to play this beautiful sport here in the Czech Republic and also in the US. Unfortunately, my current working engagements do not allow me to play baseball on the top level as I used to, so at least, I try to follow games from Major League Baseball on TV and from time to time I go to watch games of my previous team. However, I found a new passion, which is not as time consuming as baseball – golf. I just started two years ago so I have a new challenge to take upon.

My Advice

Accenture is a great company that will provide you with a wide spectrum of learning and development opportunities, everyday challenges and number of interesting projects in various industries and business areas. Nevertheless, there is one aspect that I personally would like to highlight – the people you get to work with. All my colleagues that I had a chance to work with were very inspirational and I learned a great deal from them. Especially in the beginnings of your career, you need to accept the fact that you cannot know everything and that you will make a mistake from time to time. It is important to take the best out of every situation and most importantly, you need to listen very carefully to what the client tells you during meetings and informal interactions. As one of my managers used to say, you have two ears and one mouth.