Andrej C.


Andrej C.




Czech Republic (English)

Area of Interest

Strategy Careers

Career Area

Analytics and Insights


Mathematics-Management, Comenius University
"If you are looking for exciting job, great people and new interesting challenges every day, you are at the right address here at Accenture."​

What I Do

I am a consultant in the Slovak Accenture Management Consulting practice specializing primarily on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Analytics domains.

During my career at Accenture, I have helped clients from various industries – telecommunications, utilities and banking. I have been involved in many interesting and challenging projects in the Customer Service, Sales and Marketing areas during which I have gained invaluable experience in business transformation and optimization, CRM systems and processes design and implementation or mergers. It has also been a great opportunity to get to know the client companies in detail, their daily operations, what really works for them and where they should improve, or in short – how they do their business. 

In other words, I strive to create value for the client and help them to achieve higher performance. Every day and always.

Day in my Life

A typical day in the life of an Accenture employee really depends on his/her current assignment, but also on the individual’s personal engagement and current state of mind.

During the 6 years I have been with the company, my usual day has also undergone some evolution. In the first years (when I was young and full of ideals), my usual day involved more travelling (within Slovakia but also abroad, i.e. to Bucharest), lots of work and less sleep. Nowadays I am located in Bratislava and I also tend to better organize my work to keep a healthy work-life balance in order to spend some quality time with my girlfriend and friends, to enjoy the days off and a well-deserved vacation.

Every project and every assignment consists of lots of smaller tasks and it is really only a matter of prioritization. Certain tasks require me to work longer, sometimes also during evenings, but that’s life. Here at Accenture, everybody has to be ready to go the extra mile for the success of our clients and subsequently for our own success.

Outside the Office

When I am not working, I like to spend time with my friends, many of which I have met here at Accenture. After a hard day at work, nothing can beat a mug of good beer in good company – I especially like the local microbreweries and always enjoy the new beer samples. 

One of my great passions is cooking and I am also a huge fan of good food (not necessarily made in my own kitchen). Currently, I am really looking forward for a cooking class to further broaden my horizons. 

Another passion of mine is travelling – I like the big and busy cities as much as I enjoy the quiet and peaceful seaside. When anywhere near the sea, I never miss a chance for snorkeling – my collection of seashells that I personally pulled out from the water gets bigger every year. 

And, as many other people, I seldom say “no” to a good book or a good movie.

My Advice

If you are looking for a warm and quiet “nine-to-five” job, Accenture is not the place for you. But if you are interested in challenging and exciting work where you can learn something new every day, great collective of colleagues and after-work fun, appealing assignments for major Slovak companies as well as big international clients and a great career with lots of opportunities, you are at the right address. Here, you can show your potential and your skills and they will be properly recognized. You will also find out what some of those funny looking words that I used in the first paragraph mean.