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Alena S.


Alena S.


Accenture Leadership


Czech Republic

Area of Interest

Consulting Careers

Career Area

Business Process Delivery


University of Pittsburgh

What I Do

I lead our telecommunication, media and technology team in the Czech Republic. I manage a team of very experienced and talented people; we excel in large business transformational projects as well as in smaller consulting engagements, always focusing on providing our clients with outcomes that have measurable value.

Day in my Life

I meet with clients to discuss project updates as well as new opportunities for future cooperation with the goal to first understand the clients' needs and then suggest actionable ideas how to address those needs. I work with my team on day to day tasks based on the project lifecycle.

Outside the Office

I spend majority of my time outside office with my two kids. When I have time for my hobbies I like to spend it in our big garden. In the evenings I enjoy watching movies or reading books and to keep myself fit I practice yoga.

My Advice

Speaking based on my 19 years of experience in the consulting business, I can say that Accenture is a great place for those who want to really develop themselves every year/month/day of their professional life in a global company that provides stable, inspiring and professional environment. And my personal advice is: Accenture has a huge variety of jobs to offer, you should try to understand what positions are available in your location to make the right decision for yourself.