Digital Data Experience Day

Digital Data Experience Day in Prague

We have hosted global leaders and clients to share experiences how digital technologies can enable companies to innovate and reimagine their business.

Today, we as Accenture, see two deeply interconnected key topics leading the marketing and business scene in the near future. From one side, the organizations trying to understand how to use digital technology to bring a real value to people, citizens and users of their product and services. On the other hand, the people who will put more and more attention on what their benefit in sharing information about own behavior and lifestyle will be.

Event recap

See the most important moments from the first Digital Data Experience event organized in Prague where International and CEE market leaders discovered together how digital can provide value for brands, people and organizations joining strategic thinking, human insights, technical DNA, creativity and user centric design approach.

Digital transformation is impacting every business

Digital tools allow us to understand the individual customers’ intentions, preferences, and behaviors in different circumstances.

Mike Sutcliff

Group Chief Executive, Accenture Digital

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