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Digital transformation for connected mining

Goldcorp is digitally enabling the connected mine for greater efficiency and safety.

Voice of transformation

Luis Canepari, Vice President of Information Technology at Goldcorp, describes how the mining business is digitally transforming to enable safer and more efficient operations. Working with Accenture, Goldcorp is leveraging the connected mine concept to realize substantial outcomes, including improved safety metrics and data analytics.
We have to reinvent ourselves to be a team that transforms and embraces technology, and is a pioneer in innovation.

Prioritizing safety

Being a miner today means being connected, and to be connected is to be safe. These tools make our jobs safer, so we can give our families peace of mind.


Manish Chandra
Horacio Vergara
Managing Director, Natural Resources
Accenture Mexico

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Manish Chandra
Felipe Olivares
Senior Manager, Process & Innovation Performance
Accenture Mexico

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