Accenture pinpoints the strengths and opportunities across traditional and digital advertising channels to bolster publishers’ sales efforts.

Actionable analysis across all channels

Marketers need to measure their return on advertising investment and optimize their marketing mix, while publishers and platforms need to demonstrate their unique contributions and quantify these results to attract advertising spend.

The rise of digital advertising channels with data and analytics capabilities has increased expectations for actionable analysis across all channels. This poses a significant challenge to publishers and platforms that currently lack the similar capabilities to capture, analyze and quantify advertising impact.

Our attribution studies address publishers’ data and analytics capability gaps to uncover the return on advertising spend that industry stakeholders increasingly require. Through unbiased analysis of our proprietary, closed-loop data sets—combined with third-party data to create richer views—Accenture pinpoints the strengths and opportunities across traditional and digital advertising channels to bolster publishers’ sales efforts.

TV turns the channel on brand ROI

A study by Accenture, commissioned by NBCUniversal, set out to explore traditional channels’ role in the marketing mix by analyzing Accenture’s proprietary database of $12bn in anonymized marketing spend over a 3-year period.

Multiplatform TV advertising has a halo effect

On search, display, and short-form video advertising.

Marginal returns for digital diminish

After initially higher ROI relative to Multiplatform TV.

A long-term impact on driving incremental sales

The impact of Years 2 & 3 is equal to 1.3x the impact measured in Year 1.

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Cross-channel advertising attribution

We analyzed our proprietary dataset to track how ad spend impacts key metrics including sales and brand health. Commissioned by Disney|ABC, this analysis uncovers important aspects about the power of Multiplatform TV.

TV generates superior brand-building ROI

And not just at the top of the funnel.

TV has a significant “halo effect”

On the impact of digital channels.

TV helps generate a multiplier effect

When paired with other channels in the same publisher ecosystem.

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The power of content to drive ROI

ROI has always been a critical advertising metric, but new content platforms and the growth of consumer devices have made it complex to calculate. Accenture and Disney|ABC set out to addresses this by identifying key drivers of advertising ROI.

Higher-rated programs

Deliver heightened ROI vs their lower counterparts.

Viewer investment

Programs viewers invest in can increase ROI by 2X.

High-quality programs

High quality scores mean a greater lift for advertisers.

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