Lucidworks services

Consulting and implementation services combined with innovative technology assets to help increase your Lucidworks application's ROI.

Deliver more value with your Lucidworks application

With AI-powered features, Lucidworks delivers a modern search platform for enterprise and digital commerce businesses. A Lucidworks partner with extensive search expertise, we can help increase your ROI with a range of Lucidworks services.

Search assessment and strategy consulting

Ensure a successful implementation with evaluation, recommendations, and architecture blueprints.

Content acquisition, processing, and enrichment

Support secure data ingestion from multiple sources and efficient processing of structured and unstructured content.

Search engine tuning and relevancy improvement

Measure search accuracy and reliably improve it over time with proven methods.

Migration and integration

Migrate between Lucidworks and other search engines and ensure a seamless transition.

Managed services and support

Enable your internal staff to focus on core priorities.

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Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Lucidworks

Our innovative NLP middleware supports the orchestration of NLP algorithms and provides 30+ built-in NLP models to help accelerate your project.

  • Neural Networks: TensorFlow, BERT, USE
  • Python: Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA), Valence Aware Dictionary and sEntiment Reasoner (VADER)
  • Prepackaged: E-mail, Number, URL, Federal ID, routing number, postal code, name, MAC address, IP address, Business Identifier Code (BIC), International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
  • Pattern-based: Regex, Advanced Patterns, Dictionary, Fragments
  • Third-party: Google Knowledge, Google Extractor

NLP features:

  • Build the NLP pipelines for you
  • Ambiguity representation and resolution using confidence mathematics
  • Business-friendly UI for NLP maintenance
  • Built-in Selection and Action Framework for semantic search and Q/A live-data results

Technology assets supporting Lucidworks systems

Content connectors

Secure, high-performing connectors to over 50 unstructured and structured content sources. Read more.

Aspire Content Processing

A proven framework for acquiring and enriching unstructured data, providing relevant, rich context for search, analytics, and NLP applications. Read more.

Saga Natural Language Understanding

An innovative NLP middleware for orchestrating and maintaining scalable enterprise language models for user interaction and document understanding. Read more.

Enterprise search UI

A Google-style enterprise search UI to help organizations accelerate speed-to-value for their search projects.

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