A gold mine of insights

Given the immense daily activities in the digital workplace, the ability to efficiently search and analyze log data from various business applications can bring a competitive edge. Log data is a “gold mine” of insights that are critical to IT operations, security, business analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Commercial log analytics software offers ease of use, advanced features, and a large ecosystem of plug-ins. Alternatively, high-performing, cost-effective open source log analytics solutions can enable enterprises to:

  • Implement secure log file management for high-volume transaction systems that are intolerant of data loss
  • Scale and customize to enterprise-class analytics and alerting platform for business intelligence
  • Execute complex queries from large datasets in seconds via a user-friendly interface, without relying on SQL

We’ve helped clients implement powerful log search and analytics solutions to address enterprise needs, including risk management, compliance, and security analysis, to market intelligence, e-commerce personalization, and healthcare analytics.

Enhance business operations and decision making

For businesses, especially systems administrators, DevOps, and business analysts, a well-implemented log search and analytics solutions can deliver operational agility and peace of mind.

Reduced time to identify root causes of problems

Lower failure rates of risk calculation jobs

Reduced security risk through fraud signal identification

Higher uptime and fewer system outages

Lower licensing costs and total cost of ownership (with open source log analytics solutions)

Flexible on-premise or cloud deployment

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Log analytics consulting & implementation services

We help enterprises build customized log search and analytics solutions using leading commercial or open source technologies like the Elastic Stack (Elasticsearch, Kibana, Beats, Logstash).


Extensive log analytics expertise and a vendor-agnostic approach, from strategy to implementation and support.


Ability to leverage NoSQL and big data technologies for faster results and more accurate decision-making.


Rapid deployment with immediate visibility into events and operational trends.

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