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A mini-series dedicated to Knowledge Management

Enterprise knowledge management challenges

Today's organizations are combining data repositories to break information silos and support knowledge management (KM) and sharing within their organizations. KM is not only essential to employees’ day-to-day jobs but also a driving force of corporate strategy planning and execution.

By enabling real-time access to critical information that aids decision making, intelligent knowledge management solutions can deliver business value by solving the following KM challenges:

  • Knowledge management has been a manual, labor intensive, and expensive task.
  • Employees cannot easily find the information they need.
  • The volume and number of data sources continue to grow, resulting in even more lost or ignored knowledge.
  • Cultural barriers may hinder enterprise-wide KM initiatives.

With new semantic search to deliver more accurate information, search engines are becoming "find engines."

Building a corporate knowledge management strategy

Where can your organizations apply technologies and processes to make knowledge management more successful and practical?

Knowledge harvesting

Combine data repositories to break information silos to support KM and sharing.

Creating and managing new content

Handle various parts of generating content, such as document management, approval cycles, and establishing a KM team.

Graphs, taxonomies, classifications and ontologies

Determine what methods are necessary and how much of each your organization needs.

Context, linkage and knowledge graphs

Make knowledge sharing and linkages part of everyday business.

Justifying, prioritizing and measuring

Measure progress and results before, during and after your KM solution implementation.

Overcoming organizational challenges

Create and foster employees’ adoption of a sustainable knowledge sharing culture.

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What knowledge can you uncover?


Find corporate resources on the intranet.

Colleagues and experts

Find employees and experts you need to contact.

Work artifacts

Find existing documents for reference or to use as a starting point for new work.

Policies and procedures

Find correct methods and processes for doing the job.

Business knowledge

Find information about your business, products or services, and organizational performance.

Customer knowledge

Find customers and detailed information about them.

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An intelligent enterprise knowledge management solution

Through our proven approach, we can provide strategic roadmaps, implementation, and support to organizations looking to jumpstart or revamp their KM systems. Our wide range of services can help you seamlessly design, deploy, and optimize your KM application.

This is a list of Accenture's Intelligent Knowledge Management services, including Assessment and Strategy, Content Processing, Connectors, Search Engine Implementation, NLP and Machine Learning, and Support.

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