The always-on enterprise: Application services for SAP mobility

Giving employees more secure mobile access to the information and systems they need most helps drive agility, improve productivity and sharpen a company’s competitive edge.


We combine the heritage and expertise of Accenture's SAP practice with the focus of Accenture Mobility, to offer a clear path to and successful implementation and management of SAP mobile applications.

To help transform our clients’ businesses through mobility, we are closely partnering with SAP, giving us the ability to quickly deploy a full range of mobile capabilities underpinned by SAP mobile solutions to:

  • Run the business better by helping to increase employee productivity and operational efficiency.

  • Grow the business and revenues by helping to improve customer satisfaction.

  • Transform the business through strategic process enablement, new business model creation and new product development.

  • Deliver industry leading and award winning UI’s that reduce SAP training costs, reduce user errors and increase ROI.

Accenture helps organizations get started with mobility at a fixed price, scope and timeline while reducing risk and increasing ROI.

Why Accenture

Accenture and SAP have been working together for more than 40 years to help clients around the world achieve high performance with SAP solutions. We have been developing mobile applications since the mid-1990s and have deployed hundreds of applications across a wide variety of industries.

Innovative and ahead of the market, Accenture has deep experience transforming leading companies’ businesses and deploying SAP mobile applications to thousands of users.

Our mobility knowledge spans across devices, technologies, applications and platforms. Our best practices, methodologies and knowhow about applying mobility facilitate a deep understanding of how mobile accessibility is applicable to a business’ unique needs.

We can help drive more transformation to businesses immediately without an upfront investment on technology and skills by leveraging the Accenture Managed Mobility offering in the cloud.

In the Accenture Innovation Centers for SAP Solutions, we showcase how clients can deploy mobile solutions in their specific industries and help clients implement and customize SAP Fiori apps more rapidly and at scale.

Client Case Studies