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Automotive, industrial, consumer goods, life sciences, retail and travel companies are among those striving to solve specific industry challenges, but disruptive technology (such as cloud, cognitive and digital) impacts their IT ecosystem and workforce—making it difficult to create and bring innovative solutions to the market quickly.

Accenture’s technology consulting team provides the gears that help clients overcome the challenges associated with two-speed IT. We understand new disruptive technology and we have the skills, tools and methods to help you gain speed and agility while integrating and maintaining traditional IT. Our technology consultants work end-to-end across all IT dimensions, from strategy to architecture to digital, we deliver transformative outcomes.

Accenture Technology Consulting: Navigating disruptive technologies​

Why Accenture

We are a recognized industry leader in technology consulting. We are the biggest builder of applications in the world and the largest integrator of hybrid cloud capabilities. Our digital, cloud and cognitive technologies are second to none.

  • Accenture is an IDC MarketScape Implementation Services Leader Worldwide.

  • Accenture is an IDC MarketScape Oracle Implementation Services Leader Worldwide.

  • Accenture is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAP Implementation Service Providers, Worldwide.

  • Accenture is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Oracle Application Management, Worldwide.

  • Forrester Research, Inc. designated Accenture as a Leader in SAP services.

We help chart your path in the new API economy. Our technology consultants understand the two speeds of IT: Traditional and disruptive. We help clients to navigate the coexistence of new and legacy IT through digital technology integration, including strategizing from an architecture, workforce and applications standpoint.

We offer a unique blend of services. Accenture is the only company that has a complete stack of technology consulting services from IT strategy to broad range of IT as-a-service capabilities, including cloud, application development and ERP. We can support your IT transformation end-to-end, whether implementing a new high-velocity, decomposed, digitized platform to being your cloud broker, systems architect and application services provider.

ERP - High Velocity + Core

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is undergoing a revolution as its technology underpinning is moving to digital, in-memory and cloud. ERP also is morphing from a monolithic application to a modular, agile architecture that comprises the backbone of a digital enterprise. Accenture provides consulting to guide companies in extending their core ERP structure to enable speed, agility and a lower total cost of ownership.

In this rapidly evolving environment, CIOs are facing a revolution in the technology underpinning the core ERP. With the move to digital, in-memory and cloud, businesses must open ERP to the outside to create a networked enterprise.

Accenture helps by delivering ERP value at the intersection of business and technology. We not only bring deep industry experience and functional skills, we blend these with our technology knowledge to enable transformational results for our clients.

  • Accenture is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for SAP Implementation Service Providers, Worldwide.
  • Accenture is a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Oracle Application Management, Worldwide.


The rapid pace of expansion and innovation among cloud offerings is yielding multiple cloud delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and presenting new options. With a vendor-agnostic approach, we help businesses to navigate the many choices for cloud and determine which option will integrate with backend systems and deliver business benefits, such as cost savings.

Cloud offerings are expanding fast and disrupting traditional technical architecture. Innovation must happen at speed, but numerous cloud options make it challenging to know which route to go.

Accenture is vendor/system agnostic, so we choose the best solution for our clients.

We help clients capture full business benefits from the cloud by seamlessly integrating cloud solutions with traditional backend systems.

Our extensive HR transformation and talent and organization capabilities position Accenture beyond SaaS Implementation, including software selections, service delivery design or other pre-implementation activities.

Digital Technology Integration

The “always on” economy requires that businesses meet the demands of digital customers while at the same time making a successful transition to a digital business. Accenture’s technology consulting team seamlessly integrates all IT components, such as analytics, mobile and ERP, so our clients can become a connected digital enterprise.

Accenture offers complete, integrated digital business and technology services—digital marketing, mobility and analytics—to deliver tangible results for the virtual world.

Digital helps our clients to increase profitable growth and customer satisfaction across segments of their business, including: Customer experience, sales and marketing, customer acquisition and campaign management, content management, commerce, and customer service and loyalty.

Accenture Center for IBM Technologies—Cloud Studio
The video showcases our capabilities to convert a client's vision into working, integrated prototypes in a matter of weeks using IBM’s Cloud Technology with Design Thinking and User-Centered design.


Architecture And Security

In today’s complex, high-velocity world, companies must rethink how technology can help them to become agile, flexible and “borderless” businesses while protecting their enterprise. Accenture helps clients to define and implement a strategy that will reduce the operational cost of IT changes, while increasing speed of delivery and resiliency of production systems.

Accenture helps clients to move at digital speed with legacy applications. We can run operations end-to-end, from creating a digital roadmap through to conceptual work.

As applications become increasingly connected, we also work with businesses to architect for resiliency and proactively manage security across the extended business ecosystem and the physical world.

Program, Project and Service Integration Management

Today’s businesses must align program and service delivery to IT strategy in order to cost-effectively and successfully transform. Accenture brings methodologies, processes, tools and highly skilled people to help align program and service delivery with future business needs, ensuring that flexible processes are in place to enable rapid change.

We help clients ensure that program delivery and service delivery are tied to the future needs of the business.

As clients strive to build and manage service environments consistent with the operational needs of their business, we help by either designing, building and operating these environments, or by working with them to build their own services in house.


Program Management for the Digital Age—Delivering High Performance at Speed Accenture's program management and program advisory services help deliver consistent, cost-effective results at scale.


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