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Accenture Product Lifecycle Services

Accenture Product Lifecycle Services (APLS) is a business service that helps manufacturers drive performance across the entire parts value chain.


The rise of the digital revolution — “Digital Industry 4.0”, or, the “Internet of Things” — is transforming the value chain of industrial companies, creating the need for better integration of engineering and product development; production and technology; supply chain, marketing and sales. Accenture Product Lifecycle Services (APLS) combines digital assets, software and services across manufacturing and engineering to help clients in the automotive and industrial industries to increase revenues, reduce costs and time to market.

APLS covers three solution areas - Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Manufacturing and Digital Operations, and Products-to-Services. APLS helps clients’ end-to-end integration of product, customer and service data, and enhanced digital capabilities in engineering, manufacturing and services. It includes a comprehensive portfolio of business and technology services, engineering and product development services, such as innovation and product design excellence, PLM transformation; implementation and application services and support; PLM-as-a-service and embedded software development for connected products. APLS can provide maintenance, repair and operations optimization services (MRO); enterprise asset maintenance services, manufacturing technology services, solutions to support digital manufacturing operations.

In 2013, the acquisitions of PRION Group, PCO Innovation and the industrial and embedded software business of evopro group enhanced our ability to help companies.

Why Accenture

Global megatrends and technologies are changing the life of today’s automotive and industrial companies. This is leading to increased demand for connected, converged and smart products, resulting in some of the largest technological and socioeconomic change in years. This convergence will dramatically change the ecosystem, and our clients are seeking new paths to improve the customer experience and bring new innovative products to market faster and expand cost efficiencies.

Accenture has a global network of Automotive and Industrial Industry Hubs, Centers of Excellence and Delivery Centers with industry professionals with deep knowledge and experience. To expand capabilities and address our clients’ needs, recent acquisitions include PRION Group and PCO Innovation, two system integration companies specializing in the delivery of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services and the industrial and embedded software development and services business of evopro group. With the experience and capabilities gained through these acquisitions we can further help manufacturing clients organize, develop and manage the processes needed for the entire lifecycle of new products and services.

Specific Services

This business service leverages key capabilities as the building blocks of success in the evolving digitization across the value chain. It is divided into three fundamental areas.

Engineering and Product Lifecycle Management

  • Innovation and Product Design Excellence

  • PLM Transformation

  • PLM Services - Implementation and Application support

  • PLM as a Service - Configuration Management

  • Embedded Software Development for Connected Products and Solution

Manufacturing and Digital Operations

  • MRO Optimization – Reflex / Impact

  • Enterprise Asset Maintenance Solution

  • MRO Sourcing Services

  • Enterprise Energy Performance

  • Manufacturing Technology Services

  • Industrial Software

  • Digital Manufacturing Operations

Products to Services

  • Parts and Service Optimization

  • Service Lifecycle Management

  • Warranty Services

  • Connected Product Services – Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance

  • P2S – New Product Digital Services