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New. Applied. Now.

Accenture Labs fuel innovation across the globe and across industries. Our applied research defines the future for large enterprises, shapes the technology market and creates strong business results for our clients. Explore our showcase to see how emerging technologies can help address your business needs or simply get inspired by how today’s innovations are changing the workforce, experiences and communities.


Accenture Labs works with pioneering clients around the world to create unique new kinds of business and technology value. Explore our latest work in these areas:

Business Value Business Value

Increase customer engagement

Virtual Reality Tours 

In the digital era, businesses depend on differentiated experiences to attract, retain and engage customers and drive growth. Our patented Accenture Virtual Tour Platform harnesses the power of emerging virtual reality technologies to provide clients with engaging, cutting-edge virtual tours.

This cross-platform mobile solution for 3D virtual reality inspired a diverse set of clients—from national parks to international breweries, helping them convert digital visits into future revenues. National Park Service used the platform to immerse 10,000 park fans in virtual tours and successfully attract new park visitors.
3D Printing Innovation in Automotive
3D printing technologies open the door to product innovation, operation optimization, new revenue streams and cost reduction. Accenture Labs has been collaborating with multiple retailers to evaluate profitability of 3D printing vs. traditional manufacturing and to provide 3D printing proofs-of-concept.
A major automotive industry company is working with Accenture Labs to explore 3D printing to produce tooling and spare parts, and a major US retailer is exploring 3D printing to offer customized products via in-store product sales and online sales.

Improve speed to market

Accenture Agile Workbench
Accenture Agile Workbench for Digital was developed to help businesses using Agile software development methods to increase productivity and launch their products or internal applications faster.
The workbench provides an interactive user experience and intelligent process advisory in every stage of the lifecycle, and combines Accenture-specific methods, metrics, dashboards, intelligent tools, contextual and gamification approaches into a single-window view. Pilots by several marquee clients show that after introducing the workbench, team productivity rose by 14 percent.
Digital Workforce—Online Talent Brokering
To provide a new level of workforce agility, Accenture Labs has been developing tools and techniques that combine crowdsourcing platforms and cutting-edge collaboration channels to: 1) allow managers to access the best, most relevant, available talent on demand; 2) quickly assemble teams with the right skills; 3) coordinate distributed execution of a project with that ad-hoc team.
The Digital Talent Broker (DTB) Platform was deployed Accenture-wide for internal self-service, leveraging crowdsourcing concepts to better utilize the vast talent pool within Accenture’s workforce. Thus far, DTB has brokered more than 15,000 hours of internal work. The solution also integrates with external commercial talent markets.
Accelerating the Digital Agenda
To help a large UK retail bank start its digital transformation, Accenture Open Innovation, in conjunction with the Accenture Next Generation Financial Services Lab in Sophia Antipolis, France, conducted a nine-week engagement to explore new technologies and potential innovation network partners to facilitate the journey from discovery to deployment discussing possible co-innovation projects with the bank.

Drive product and service innovation

New Digital Customer Engagement with IoT
Accenture Labs worked with Coles, an innovative Australian retailer, to help improve the grocery shopping experience for their customers. Using a compact, WIFI-enabled device with voice recognition called Hiku, customers quickly and easily add items to their digital shopping lists through voice commands or barcode scans in their home.
The solution is integrated with the retailer’s mobile applications, expediting purchase of groceries. Initial customer trials show 96 percent adoption, high customer satisfaction, and a spike in mobile app use and online orders.
GPower: Transforming Lives with Mobile Technology
GPower, short for Girl Power, is an innovative digital solution jointly developed by Accenture Labs in Bengaluru with the Child in Need Institute (CINI) to track vulnerabilities of adolescent girls and facilitate access to government services for education, protection, health and nutrition.
The solution leverages mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to track changes in circumstances, provide real-time insights, alert CINI and trigger intervention. GPower was able to save more than 200 girls from trafficking and child marriage in one year.
Open Innovation in Yokohama City
Teaming with Accenture Digital, Accenture Open Innovation formed a comprehensive partnership agreement with the city of Yokohama to facilitate open innovation.
The initiative will include developing and operating a digital platform that promotes solutions for problems faced by Yokohama and its economic revitalization, promoting education and use of digital technology, and providing information concerning open innovation that Yokohama progressively facilitates.

Improve Productivity

Semi-automating Knowledge Work in Pharma and Real Estate
Artificial intelligence can help enterprises reduce costs and increase productivity by transforming their businesses from being largely human-driven to becoming more machine-assisted. Accenture Labs’ Intelligent Text Analysis Platform (ITAP) uses state-of-the-art natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyze data from different domains, and then intelligently extract information and relevant insights.
The solution is already successfully deployed in the pharmaceutical and real estate industries, driving up to 40 percent reduction in human effort through semi-automation. When deployed for pharmacovigilance, ITAP shortened case processing times by 25 percent. In real estate, our platform is used to automate inspection and validation of large commercial lease documents for multiple clients, and is expected to generate $2-3 million in operational cost savings.
Reducing Fraud and Improving Intelligence in Insurance Claims Processing
Accenture helped a major insurer automate vehicle damage claims processing using a combination of machine learning, deep learning, knowledge representation and computer vision. When receiving photos of a damaged car, this client has the ability to automatically detect the level of damage and use it to, for example, order spare parts and possibly detect fraud.
As a result, this company is realizing 90 percent accuracy in automated claims analysis, reducing travel requirements of adjustors, and using an intelligent claims processing system that allows agents to spend their time on the subset of claims where their expertise is needed. Now the client is expanding this capability to other lines of insurance such as home and valuable personal property.
Automated Software Testing
Software testing has traditionally been effort intensive, contributing to as much as 50 percent of an overall project cost. Accenture Labs has been pioneering the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate testing—helping our clients significantly improve productivity and reduce cost.
We developed a portfolio of state-of-the-art intelligent tools and techniques, which use artificial intelligence to automate the more difficult phases of test planning and preparation, rather than test execution alone, including tools like Automated Test Case Generator. The tools were piloted with several large banks, and proved the potential to save 40-80 percent of manual effort, which translates into dramatically lower software development costs.

Reduce risk and improve trust

Secure Data Sharing with Blockchain
In a joint effort with Accenture Emerging Technology, Digital and Financial Services, Accenture Labs launched a blockchain R&D program and became an early member of the Linux Foundation. Blockchain is a secure transaction ledger database that is shared by all parties participating in an established, distributed network of computers. The technology records and stores every transaction that occurs in the network, essentially eliminating the need for trusted third parties, such as payment processors if a transaction is a transfer of money.
Accenture is already piloting the technology with clients in the banking, insurance and energy industries. The technology is expected to help secure the sharing of data in a distributed environment, guaranteeing anonymity and immutability of private data shared by clients with different enterprises. In the insurance industry, we envision blockchain technology will create new ways to manage re-insurance contracts, life contracts, sharing of patient data and more.

Improve data driven decisions

Immersive Data Insights “Cockpit”
Accenture Connected Analytics Experience helps businesses drive faster, more-informed decisions through immersive, collaborative and engaging interaction with data. The end-to-end framework helps clients break down isolated data silos; enable insight-driven analysis for all decision makers, from strategic to tactical to operational; and establish a repeatable, self-service analytic function.
Leveraging the latest technologies for data visualization, the solution provides Accenture clients with state-of-the-art “decision cockpits” that can be physical or virtual. Companies in the telecommunications, healthcare and consumer packaged goods industries are already participating in the Accenture Connected Analytics Experience, and reaping the benefits of data-driven collaboration.
Deep Insights from the Customer Genome
A unique and powerful personalization approach, the Customer Genome delivers a truly individualized customer experience at scale, helping digital businesses drive increased revenues. Accenture’s technique uses next-generation technical architecture and big data analytics to build individualized, actionable profiles for customers. The Customer Genome platform combines data from across traditional data sources (such as CRM and merchandising systems) and newly available data sources (such as social, geolocation and third-party) to better understand individual customer needs, preferences and lifestyles.
Based on this, digital businesses can provide relevant and targeted customer experiences, including customized offers, content personalization and product recommendations. Accenture Labs has helped a large restaurant chain use the Customer Genome analytics techniques and data platform to produce individual profiles for each of the client’s 13 million customers in just 10 days—modeling motivations, behavioral patterns and influencer networks.
Streaming Analytics
The Accenture Streaming Analytics platform delivers real-time, actionable insights to utilities companies to help optimize operations. Up to now, the challenge with streaming analytics was in handling at speed the large number of parallel computations kicked off by arriving sensor data. Accenture’s platform is capable of ingesting and analyzing an amalgam of data streams produced by a massive number of sensors, combined with other contextually relevant enterprise, social and third-party data.
This scalable platform can handle up to 190,000 sensors, generating 6,000 readings per second, all streaming into 3,500 models. It has been implemented across the smart water, smart grid and digital mining domains in a wide range of geographical locations from the UK to Australia.