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Accenture transit and tolling solutions

Bringing innovation to public transit authorities and operators


Staying the course amid economic realities and service demands

The public transportation industry is getting squeezed on a number of fronts: Budgets are falling short, aging infrastructure continues to cost agencies more money and increasing congestion that is unable to keep pace with capital budgets. Service expectations are also changing with urbanization putting more travelers into the fold—connected travelers who have high expectations for seamless experiences across multimodal networks.

How can transportation agencies adapt to ongoing change and continue to provide increasingly better service with reduced funding? Accenture has created a dedicated business service—Accenture Transit and Tolling Services—to help agencies navigate the many roadblocks to high performance, and get to the outcomes they want. We bring together our experience and offerings in tolling, fare management, and enterprise asset management to help clients put riders first, operate more efficiently, harness the potential benefits of technology and help reduce their costs.

Intrigued? Keep scrolling to how Accenture Transit and Tolling Solutions can help agencies and operators enhance the traveler experience, increase operational efficiency and remain relevant while keeping costs lowered.


Delivering a seamless experience for travelers across media, modes and channels The Accenture Fare Management Solution (AFMS) is a digital payment platform that manages fare collection and customer service across multiple transit authorities and multiple modes of transport using a variety of fare payment media. Whether passengers are riding a bus or a train, crossing a river by ferry, driving through tollgates, parking their car or using a bike- or car-sharing service, Accenture Fare Management Solution enables a seamless experience. The key outcomes transit service providers can expect include:

  • Fare collection without disruption

  • Connected, consistent travel for riders

  • Lower cost of fare collection


Accelerating your journey to next-generation toll collection

The Accenture Tolling Solution, powered by SAP, is built to grow with your organization and region, and has the flexibility to support multiple revenue streams (e.g., road tolls, transit fares, parking fees). Rather than being hamstrung by legacy hardware and software that is costly and time-consuming to maintain and upgrade, our solution can integrate with any roadside equipment you have—as well as commercial ERP systems. Accenture Tolling Solution is specifically tailored with open technologies, so it’s ready to flex, adapt and scale to accommodate your needs now, and in the future.



Making smarter decisions through asset visibility

Accenture works with public transit agencies to create a transit asset management system and implement operational transparency principles based on the fundamentals of enterprise asset management. With standard processes and a single framework, agencies can make full use of their resources, and improve asset visibility and planning, which will ultimately help them to make smarter decisions.


Our broad skills set us apart in the industry and have enabled us to shape a comprehensive approach to enterprise asset management that includes:

  • Diagnostic and assessment toolkits

  • Delivery methods

  • High-performance business process model for rail and transit

  • Maintenance supply chain transformation offering

  • On-premise and cloud-based implementation



Imagine riding a digital future where passengers know exactly when and where their transport will arrive simply by checking their phones. Not only that, they will also know what combination of transit mode is required and, without stopping to buy a ticket, they are free to glide from one mode to the next. All charges are deducted from a single, transportation account. This is the future of transit.