Intelligent solutions offer carriers the opportunity to meet customer experience demands of the future and to achieve the levels of efficiency they need to compete in a digital world. Insurers must not only think smarter but execute smarter by embedding intelligence into every business process. In order to achieve this, insurers must be ready to take the technologies out of the lab and deploy them at scale.

Unleashing a potential $10 billion to $20 billion profit boost for North American carriers.

Leading insurers that use intelligent solutions to reinvent the customer experience and to drive human-machine collaboration are achieving returns in excess of 10 times their investment in the technology.

Accenture’s calculations indicate that the North American insurance sector alone could reap a 10 to 20 percent improvement in annual profitability by investing in the broader suite of intelligent solutions including analytics, machine learning and AI. This image shows the different areas of additional value that add up to a potential $10.4 to $20.8 billion a year for insurers’ bottom lines.

But most insurance organizations remain relatively immature in their use of intelligent automation and have yet to scale and industrialize their intelligent solutions deployments. Their challenge is to move beyond using intelligent solutions for incremental process improvements, towards completely reimagining their business processes and customer experiences.

The proven ability of intelligent solutions to deliver fast, measurable bottom-line results makes investing in intelligent solutions a smart choice. Register to view the report to learn more.

About the Authors

Sharad Sachdev

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Lead – Accenture Insurance, North America

Michael Reilly

Managing Director – Underwriting Community of Practice, Accenture Insurance

Robert Sollmann

Principal Director – Accenture Insurance

John Roe

Managing Director – Accenture Insurance


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