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Champions of change

The pandemic triggered the biggest societal shift in living memory–and the subsequent single biggest reinvention of Industry.

Companies were forced to adapt, unleashing a wave of innovation at breakneck pace. Many businesses came to realize what some already knew: When change at speed is a matter of survival, success depends on a clear vision of the future.

Tomorrow's most successful organizations will be champions of change. They will understand how people, technology and businesses are evolving and use those insights to reimagine their organizations and create lasting value.

Being good at change isn't about seeing trends in isolation. It’s about looking at the different angles of change. That's why we're sharing our three forward-looking trend reports to give you a comprehensive view into the future of people, technology and business.

Technology Vision 2022: Meet me in the Metaverse Video - Accenture

The continuum of technology and experience, reshaping business.

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Details critical changes in relationships that form the fabric of life, and the impact they’ll have in the coming year.

The continuum of technology and experience reshaping business.

Identifies and unravels the signals of change reshaping organizations today, driving their reinventions tomorrow and beyond.

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A holistic view

Our trend reports provide a view of the future featuring key insights around:

Getting good at change: Companies need to figure out—and fast—how to embrace this uncertainty and navigate a new path forward. Getting good at change enables companies to create lasting value.

Driving distributed control: The democratization of decision-making, technology and innovation will be the key to leading an organization with agility. Distribution of control is a change imperative.

Opting in: There is increased pressure on organizations to prioritize a new type of purposeful change. To create a better future for themselves and for all, enterprises should broaden their cooperation, as well as definition of purpose and value.

Explore the annual trends in people, technology, and business

Annette Rippert, Marc Carrel-Billiard, and Mark Curtis in conversation at the Dublin Tech Summit 2021

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