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The Digital Network 3.0 in the services providers of 2020

Creating value from disruption


This paper presents an Open Systems Interconnection (OSI)-type layer model of the “Digital World,” combined with the different roles the provider can play and the key initiatives required in order to make the new model a reality.

Digital service providers are driving the digital transformation at the heart of today’s “Digital World.” Their software controlled network is an essential component in the globally interconnected world, and plays a vital role in driving the economic and social standards of society.

In recent years, disruptive players, ranging from over-the-top (OTT) entities to super platforms have frequently offered differentiating and competing services, while in many cases exhibiting a significantly leaner operating model through the use of IT operations paradigms. Given these circumstances, service providers and enterprises are being required to rethink their business and operating models. One of the key components of the provider’s and enterprise’s new thinking should be the accelerated phase-out of legacy networks in favor of a new network that will enable them to operate in tomorrow’s fragmented world, with its plenitude of players.

The new network, which will incorporate Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) in order to meet future broadband requirements, will enable high-quality services, lower operating costs, and a reduced time to market for new services, while also permitting providers to maintain a healthy margin.

The Approach

What's Next?