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Digital's promise for forest products industry

Intelligent digital technologies could lead to value creation and competitive advantage in the forest products industry.


The forest products industry could benefit greatly from shifting their strategies toward digital. As a whole, the industry faces a variety of challenges within the value chain—ranging from equipment reliability to lack of analytics in commercial operations, among others. By introducing digital technologies, some challenges may be eliminated. Four areas to focus include:

  • Optimize plantation and forestry operations to continuously increase yield and productivity and to meet quality demands.

  • Ease supply constraints to downstream processing activities and reduce working capital tied to the supply chain.

  • Enable technology transfer and skills development across the global organization.

  • Heighten customer experience and engagement to improve customer retention while controlling total cost-to-serve.



The right combination of digital capabilities can lead to game-changing value creation and competitive advantage. Learn how taking a systematic approach to digitalization across key initiatives can improve company operations:

  • Customer Experience - integrate all customer touchpoints into a single platform to reach new customers and increase awareness

  • Supply Chain - apply advanced analytics to help with tracking, planning and speed to market

  • Operations - introduce IoT platforms to help reduce production and maintenance costs

  • Capital Projects - use digital interfaces to reduce project complexity and provide greater accountability and efficiency

  • Organization Excellence - foster flexible work arrangements and knowledge sharing for agility and increased employee engagement