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Trend 2: Digital Trust

Trend 2: Digital Trust

Eighty-four percent of bank executives agree that trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy. However, customers trust banks to hold their money and personal data, but are skeptical about banks always providing advice and services that benefit them. This customer trust paradox is growing ever volatile in the digital age, heightening customers’ sensitivity and exposure to risk.

Banks can enhance traditional banking and grow relationships by using data and digital technologies that empower stronger ethics and tighter security.

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84% of bank executives agree that trust is the cornerstone of the digital economy

(Re) Building Bank Trust

The digital trust opportunity for banks centers around using customer data to benefit the customer, with ultra-strong security.

It means strengthening bank security strategies towards higher digital trust, such as:
Adopting a zero-tolerance

Adopting a zero-tolerance
approach with a cyber-risk
appetite moving toward open
and ecosystem banking.

Incorporating Next Generation

Incorporating next-generation
security mechanisms managing
data security risks.
Rethinking identity

Rethinking identity and
access management using
more innovative techniques.

Integrating Security Solutions

Integrating security solutions like
security-aware application design
and integrated database security
into new products.
dentifying Factors

Identifying indicators of risky
insider activity by detecting 
early signs of possible fraud 
or criminal activity.

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