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You operate in an increasingly competitive environment, making it essential to bring new products to market faster than your competitors, speed issuance and simplify business operations.

You must connect with a digitally-driven customer base that conducts business from their mobile devices, and expects robust self-serve options and media-rich experiences.

All of this demands innovation and integration across your operations. Your new business, underwriting and administration systems must meet these demands today and have the flexibility to mature with the market in the future.

Welcome to the Accenture Life Insurance & Annuity Platform (ALIP).

It does all of this and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Launch More Products...
in Less Time

17 new products in 20 months...that's the power of more.

If you’re seeking a faster way to launch new products, you’ll want to read about what this Tier 1 carrier was able to do:

  • Looking for a way to accelerate product introduction, consolidate systems, simplify its environment, and reduce expenses, this leading life and annuity carrier selected ALIP as part of its strategic program.
  • Mission accomplished! Within just 20 months of going live with ALIP, they launched 17 new life insurance products that span 5 product lines. And that’s not all.
  • Their latest ALIP-powered term life product launch processed over 1,000 applications within the first month! Plus one of their products saw a 25% increase in year-on-year sales volume.

These great accomplishments are attributed to ALIP’s comprehensive and flexible product introduction capabilities.


Get More Functionality and
Efficiency Right Out of the Box

Face it — you don't have time to build it. So, we did.

If you’re among the 96% of insurers who tell us they must innovate with emerging technologies to stay competitive*, then you know all roads lead to a flexible digital technology platform

Whether you’re looking for a fast track to new business, seamless self-servicing or operational efficiency, ALIP helps you compete with:

  • More proven production-ready functionality
  • More product templates and business rules to catapult new products to market
  • More ways to improve efficiency with automated workflow, advanced UI, and easy-to-use workbenches that don't require IT skills

*Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2019

See ALIP in Action.
View our 3-part demo series to learn more about ALIP’s cornerstone capabilities:

Chapter 1: Configuration
Chapter 2: Microservices and APIs
Chapter 3: Customer Experience

Delight More Customers

Get personal. Go digital.

In today’s online economy, digital capabilities are mission critical to meet the growing demands of connected consumers.

With smartphones replacing computers for many of life’s activities, ALIP’s integrated portfolio of digital capabilities can keep you on the cutting edge of delivering higher service levels.

Deliver More Profitable New Business

Operate with speed and efficiency as though your business depended on it — because it does.

Digital capabilities will determine business success. That’s why ALIP New Business and Underwriting delivers more automation and speed — the keys to driving top and bottom line growth.

ALIP New Business and Underwriting can help. You’ll gain more speed and efficiency to:

  • Launch new and tailored products
  • Configure new workflows and rules
  • Process applications electronically
  • Automate underwriting and issue

ALIP provides full automation and real-time data validation from direct-to-consumer models and simplified issue products, to fully underwritten policies.



Identify the signal through the noise.

Accenture Life & Annuity Analytics helps you overcome the two biggest hurdles to monetizing your data: (1) a file format that’s consumable for analysis and (2) insurance-specific predictive and prescriptive insights.

Accenture Life & Annuity Analytics can transform data into insights that can help you:

  • Improve top- and bottom-line performance
  • Optimize products and markets
  • Enhance agent performance and customer experience
  • Reduce risk

Learn how you can extract more value from your data


2 industry-leading solutions; 1 easy decision.

Move to the cloud with speed, flexibility and ease using a powerful combination of ALIP and the Accenture Cloud Platform (ACP).

Retain the same deep out-of-the-box functionality and the full capabilities of the industry-leading new business, underwriting and policy administration platform—architected for speed, resiliency and scale—with unlimited options to license, host and service your cloud the way you want.

Experience the freedom to innovate at scale and quickly achieve your business outcomes.

With ALIP and ACP, you get:

  • A modern, industry leading platform designed to leverage cloud native services, containers and macroservices for optimal cloud performance
  • Peace of mind knowing that some of the nation’s most recognized carriers use ALIP in the cloud
  • An “evergreen” solution that keeps your technology future-ready and provides a variety of full disaster recovery options
  • Choice of hosting options: Have your own fully dedicated solution or leverage ALIP in a Platform as a Service model
  • The only cloud service provider ranked No. 1 integrator for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google

Accenture is leading the market with cloud implementations of end-to-end new business and underwriting and policy administration systems for leading North American life and annuity carriers.

Get More Delivery “Know How”

And the confidence that comes with it.

You know the confidence and career boost you get from running a successful project. Our customers know that feeling. That’s because the same robust tools and best practices that go into making the product also go into deploying it.

Our delivery approach...

  • Maximizes upfront value so your plan and budget reflect the highest return in the least amount of time
  • Takes integrations off the critical path of implementation with an extensive and perpetual library of production-ready, client-tested interfaces
  • Alleviates project derailments using superior testing with backward compatibility and daily regression testing
  • Reduces errors and rework using configuration workbenches and debuggers
  • Leverages an extensive list of tested, out-of-the-box product templates and business rules so you can build, test and launch new products faster
  • OFFERS CHOICE OF DEPLOYMENT OPTIONS on premise or cloud with private, public and hybrid options

Here's what two of our customers said about working with the ALIP team:

“We are extremely pleased with the process and results delivered by Accenture's support and delivery team. It was an excellent experience.”

IT System Vice President,

Leading U.S. Tier 1 insurance company

“I want to thank Accenture for the great support you have provided us. We have seen Accenture’s commitment to the success of our Life and Annuity businesses. Thank you again for your continued support and partnership.”

Vice President,

Leading Tier 2 U.S. financial services provider

Get More Lifetime Value with ALIP

Get what you need to deliver and tomorrow.

More Return on Your Investment

All upside opportunity with access to an ever-growing library of client-tested templates, configurations and rules.

More Ways to Avoid Legacy Lockout

No more big bang upgrades or lost sleep — predictable upgrades with the control of a fixed cost.

More Opportunities to Influence Development

Come sprint with us and develop new features working in our collaborative functional labs.

More Training Opportunities with ALIP University

Unlock even more value from your system by becoming ALIP certified and self-sufficient.

More Executive Peer-Sharing and Collaboration

Join our elite group of leading insurance executives and guide ALIP’s roadmap for today and tomorrow.

More Return on Your Investment

It's all upside when you put the base first.

Base First is our revolutionary methodology that lets you capitalize on industry dynamics with new products and processes. And thanks to our perpetual library of client-tested, production-ready templates, configurations and rules, no custom coding or testing is needed.

Base First keeps all clients on the same base release so you leverage common configuration, but with the flexibility to maintain your unique configurations and features. Configurations built for one, can be used by all. It’s a clearinghouse for Accenture- and client-contributed innovation. And as our client base grows, so too does our extensive library.

With ALIP, the only legacy that remains is our continued history of investing in a self-perpetuating, state-of-the-art system.

More Ways to Avoid Legacy Lockout

Never be stranded again.

If you’ve ever lost sleep over a “big bang” upgrade, you never want to do it again. That’s why Accenture created ALIP’s Continuous Upgrade program. It helps you remain current and leverage ongoing enhancements right away. So you never have to worry about legacy lockout or upgrade-induced sleep loss.

ALIP’s Continuous Upgrade is a turn-key maintenance program that helps clients remain current on a continual basis with minimal disruption and at a fraction of the cost of traditional “big bang” upgrades.

Bottom Line: You can stay current using a predictable upgrade model with the control of a fixed cost.

More Opportunities to Influence Development

Come sprint with us...

As an ALIP user, you’re invited to participate in our exclusive functional labs and workshops, where you’ll join our product and engineering teams to discuss improvements and incubate new ideas. Then you’ll rough them out within development sprints.

Here’s a terrific example of client collaboration with our recent New Business and Underwriting functional lab. 15 weeks and 5 development sprints later and all ALIP clients gained significant productivity improvements that enhanced work views and user experiences — thanks to an enhanced workbench customizable for both underwriters and case managers.

More Training Opportunities with ALIP University

Master the power of ALIP and be your own boss.

Clients tell us they love the ease with which they can configure the platform and products — in most cases, without any development resources. ALIP University helps them dive deeper into the product to configure solutions specific to their needs.

With ALIP University, clients learn and become certified on critical ALIP functions. Whether novice or advanced, all users master the power of ALIP and become self-sufficient to improve efficiency, configure custom solutions, and boost ROI.

More Executive Peer-Sharing and Collaboration

Join our highly-engaged client community and influence the future.

The ALIP Client Advisory Board (CAB) helps keep us on the leading edge in providing the most effective and comprehensive life insurance platform in the industry. More importantly, it ensures that we invest in the products and services you need today and into the future.

The CAB unites senior executives from across our client base throughout the year to collaborate on ideas, discuss industry concerns, and align on the planning and development of Accenture products and services.

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