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@ Sibos 2018

October 22-25, 2018
Sydney, Australia

Banking and
Capital Markets
at the Conference

Accenture will return to Sibos this year with a program focused on helping you position yourself on the winning side of change and innovation. We will be at booth F50.

Our leadership will once again host exclusive invitation only events discussing hot topics including open banking and ecosystems in commercial banking, and blockchain.


Open Banking and Ecosystems in Commercial Banking: What are the value pools and opportunities?

This roundtable discussion with the EBA and Accenture will explore such topics as the global open banking market trends through regulation; open banking in Australia and APAC; SMEs and Corporates as the real value pools in Open Banking; Open ecosystem platforms as new revenue-sharing business models between banks and third party providers.

Wednesday, October 24
Location: Room E3.1, International Convention
Centre (ICC), 14 Darling Drive, Sydney.

Payments: What IIF? Instant… Invisible… Free…

The world of payments is fast emerging as instant, invisible and free (IIF). Expectations are changing, initially with retail – but will soon follow with corporate payments to align with consumer ideals.

In the world of IIF, what are the implications for corporate banks? What role will they play? How will banks exist alongside new ecosystems and partnerships? Will payments be severely commoditized and embedded everywhere?

To tackle these questions, Alan McIntyre, Accenture’s senior managing director for Banking will lead an interactive lunch discussion.

Wednesday, October 24
Location: Room C4.8, International Convention
Centre (ICC), 14 Darling Drive, Sydney.

Capital Markets 2022: Looking at the challenges for tomorrow

As an industry, Capital Markets produces a significant amount of annual revenue. But almost all of the industry’s economic profit is being captured on the buy-side and certain market infrastructure sub-sectors, while many sell-side players are still suffering in economic terms.

We foresee significant disruption and value migration as the industry journeys towards 2022 and beyond, chiefly due to a pressure for value, technological game changers and a new market structure emerging. In this Open Theatre session, Owen Jelf, the global managing director of Accenture Capital Markets, will share the key challenges we believe senior management teams must master to both prepare for and perform in the new environment, and a holistic approach to executing the journey to the ‘New’.

Wednesday, October 24
Location: Open Theatre 1 (OT1)
Time: 10:00-10:30 am


Alan McIntyre is Accenture's senior managing director for the Global Banking in New York. He is responsible for Accenture’s overall vision and strategy in the sector, investment priorities, client-offering developments and partnership networks. Alan has 25 years of experience working with clients in the banking industry with a focus on enterprise strategy and performance improvement programs in the retail and commercial sectors. Alan has led major M&A assignments at the board level, been a personal adviser to multiple bank CEOs in North America and Europe, steered many bank-wide transformation programs and led multiple new business launches.

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Owen Jelf is the senior managing director and global lead of Accenture Capital Markets. He specializes in delivering major technology and business change programs in the investment banking industry. With more than 27 years of experience in the industry, Owen has expertise in large-scale program management, as well as front-office, operations and enterprise functions in complex global delivery models.

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