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Visual Design Senior Analyst

Job Location: San Jose

Regional Description: Costa Rica

Job Number: 00687227


- Job description

 The Media Graphics Designer produces complex assets used in the development of digital interfaces based on graphics standards, user experience and best practices to generate web content e.g. images, video, banners, animations, etc. This position requires a good amount of years of experience working in the field of graphics design in all stages, from conceptualization to production and people management.

Defines team workflow and tools and coordinates it with management and development. Leads and managing production projects for new campaigns and asset design. Assumes responsibility for the accuracy of work processes and flow of tasks Prepares clear and concise executive summary to communicate with leadership Creates an open environment that encourages team to participate actively and offer new ideas Guides team members on maintaining relationships with clients and stakeholders Provides team members with a sense of purpose, direction and understanding of each other s responsibilities Respects the learning curve of individuals and supports them through their development Encourages team members to analyze the situation from multiple angles to reach resolution

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