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Web Developer Analyst

Job Location: San Jose

Regional Description: Costa Rica

Job Number: 00677126


- Job description


Professional in object-oriented programing with expertise in front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JS, and Content Management System tools and works with multiple projects to provide solutions that follow up-to-date standards and best practices.  This is a  intermediate level for this role. 2-3 years of experience working with front-end technologies is required. 
Key Responsibilities 
  • Analysis of requirements and estimations. 
  • Development using popular or client custom frameworks. 
  • Programming and implementing self-assessment quality assurance testing.  
  • Assisting junior resources with their assignments. 
Soft Skills 
  • Managing Work 
  • Defines clear, reasonable project goals for team members. 
  • Ensures alignment of scope and objectives to stakeholder expectations. 
  • Assists in design of surveys, preparation and conduct of interviews, and planning and facilitation of focus groups 
  • Proactively shares leading ideas and relevant research with clients in support of their business model 
  • Communicating Effectively 
  • Chooses grammar, language, vocabulary and tone that are appropriate to the audience.  
  • Provides supporting charts and graphs for documents and presentations. 
  • Builds credibility through sharing knowledge, insights and expertise. 
  • Respects and values other perspectives who have different styles and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Creating Business Value 
  • Develops working relationships with peers, team members and other stakeholders to develop better solutions. 
  • Suggests innovative and more effective ways to address issues and challenges and accomplish team tasks to overcome obstacle 
  • Applies learnings and best practices from previous projects/processes for efficiencies in existing methods and processes. 
  • Applies prior experiences to analyze an issue and applies best practices to solve them. 
  • Building & Maintaining Relation 
  • Acknowledges when wrong and takes steps to learn from it. 
  • Alerts supervisor to potential issues and works to find solutions to overcome issues. 
  • People Management. 
  • Maintains positive and professional work relationships with others in the team, create a team work environment and support others on their assignments. 
  • Understands the team goals and prioritizes tasks to meet them. 
  • Understands learning styles for improving knowledge and skills in self and others. 
  • Regularly monitors and tracks performance against targets. 
  • Provides support to team members in areas of expertise. 
  • Approaches change with a willingness to learn 



  • Knowledge of web development basic standards and best practices on XHTML and HTML5 
  • Performing updates of HTML copy and images using an already installed CMS 
  • Develop HTML layouts from scratch using XHTML and HTML5 tags 
  • Knowledge in HTML5 video, audio, canvas, SVG, forms validation and new semantic tags 
  • Integrate HTML pages and modules with a server side structure – architecture 
  • Develop static website architecture from scratch 
  • Programming background 
  • HTML5 support for older browsers  
  • HTML Compliance Standards 
CSS (CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation) 
  • Knowledge of web development standards in CSS 
  • Knowledge of concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross-browsing 
  • Perform fixes in CSS 
  • Develop CSS style sheets from scratch 
  • Knowledge in CSS selectors and CSS3 properties (rounded borders, gradients, nth-child, etc.) 
  • Understanding of responsive design implementation and media queries 
  • Mobile Layouts Development 
JS (DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks: jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS) 
  • JavaScript language concepts: variables, statements, functions, operators 
  • Knowledge of web development basic standards and best practices for 
  • JavaScript (for example: unobtrusive events). 
  • jQuery or similar framework (selectors, events, effects, animations and AJAX requests). 
  • DOM Manipulation. 
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript libraries and components. 
  • Integrate and customize JavaScript modules or plugins. 
  • Understanding of JSON syntax. 
  • Understanding of XML and JSON structures 
  • Manipulation of XML and JSON files 
  • Usage of XML and JSON services using JavaScript 
  • Experience in using XLS templates. 
Front-End Tools  
  • Solid knowledge using web development and testing tools: Firebug, FireEyes, Web 
  • Developer Toolbars for Chrome, Safari, IE 
  • Intermediate knowledge in SVN (checking out repositories, understanding the branch, tag and trunk concepts) 
  • Knowledge in FTP 
  • Pixel Perfect Tools for Firefox and Chrome 
Unit Testing / Quality Assurance 
  • Perform unit testing process for every accomplished task  
  • Basic knowledge in QA process 
CMS Templating 
  • Editorial Capability: add, update or remove content and images. 
  • Intermediate CMS module configuration. 
  • Theme updates and maintenance. 
  • Maintenance of modules and templates in different CMS platforms (WordPress, Drupal, CQ5). 
  • Layout development.  
  • Editorial Capability: add, update or remove content and images. 
Accessibility and Usability 
  • Knowledge of accessibility concepts applied to web sites. 
  • Knowledge of basic guidelines related to Web Accessibility Initiative. 
  • Knowledge of usability concepts applied to websites. 
  • Basic knowledge in SEO 
Web Optimization 
  • Image optimization. 
  • Understanding of CSS and JavaScript minify concept. 
  • Experience with CSS sprites. 
  • Experience with web performance measurements tools: PageSpeed, YSlow. 
Web Content Management 
  • Proficiency with CMS tools such as Drupal, WordPress and Joomla! 
  • AEM
  • Adobe cloud
Required Experience 
  • Strong knowledge on HTML and CSS for updating websites. 
  • At least 2 years of experience in any CMS tool. 
  • Experience working in agile projects and play an active role during daily, planning and retrospective meetings. 
  • Comfortable in dealing with different stakeholders and other teams. 
Academic Background 

Programming, Computer Science, Web Development, Software Engineer, Information Technology

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