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Web Developer Analyst

Job Location: San Jose

Regional Description: Costa Rica

Job Number: 00630874


- Job description

Support design, build and test web based applications for various site components and edit site content.

Program the codes that dictate web page elements for positioning, styling and sizing information.

Create and manage web pages, add edit content and upload remove documents using CMS or platforms, using semantic markup language i.e. HTML5 CSS JS, to turn static Photoshop designs into working web pages or emails.

Knowledge in JS frameworks Angular and or React Knowledge in hybrid mobile applications using Ionic and or React Native HTML HTML 4.01, XHTML, HTML 5

Knowledge of web development standards and best practices of HTML5.

 Performing updates of HTML copy and images using an already installed CMS.

Develop HTML layouts from scratch using HTML5 tags o Knowledge in HTML5 video, audio, canvas, SVG, forms validation and new semantic tags o Integrate HTML pages and modules with a server side structure architecture.

 Develop static web site architecture from scratch o Programming background o HTML5 support for older browsers CSS CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 Cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation o Knowledge of web development standards in CSS.

Knowledge of concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross browsing

 Perform fixes in CSS o Develop CSS style sheets from scratch o Knowledge in CSS selectors and CSS3 properties round borders, gradients, nth child, etc.

 Understanding of responsive design mobile first implementation and media queries.

Mobile Layouts Development o Retina Display high DPI screens

 CSS Reset Normalize.

 Experience with frameworks like Bootstrap or Foundation.

 Basic knowledge of CSS preprocessors SaSS or Less.

JS DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS.

 JavaScript language concepts variables, statements, functions, operators

Knowledge of web development basic standards and best practices.

JavaScript for example unobtrusive events.

Advanced knowledge in jQuery or similar framework selectors, events, effects, animations and AJAX requests.

DOM Manipulation o Basic knowledge of JavaScript libraries and components o Integrate and customize JavaScript modules or plugins.

 Knowledge on how to interact and manipulate JSON objects Image Manipulation Intermediate level of image editing skills slicing images, sprites.

implementation and images optimization for web.

Photoshop Layers manipulation XML JSON

Understanding of XML and JSON structures

Manipulation of XML and JSON files

Usage of XML and JSON services using JavaScript.

Knowledge in REST interfaces Front End Tools.

Solid knowledge using web development and testing tools Chrome Developer Tools Firebug, Web Developer Tools for other browsers.

Intermediate knowledge in SVN or Git checking out repositories, understanding the branch, tag and trunk concepts o Knowledge in FTP.

Pixel Perfect Tools for Firefox and Chrome Web Optimization o Image optimization .

Understanding of CSS and JavaScript minify concept.

Experience with CSS sprites Unit Testing Quality Assurance

Perform unit testing process for every accomplished task

Basic knowledge in QA process.

Create guidelines in order to improve the unit testing process Emails CMS Templating

Theme updates and maintenance.

Maintenance of modules and templates in different CMS platforms WordPress, Drupal, AEM

Layout development o Editorial Capability add, update or remove content and images o Intermediate CMS module configuration Accessibility Usability SEO.Basic knowledge in SEO


Employees applying concurrently for more than one position must make the recruiter aware of the other applications during their first interview.

· Policy 500 – Permanent Position and Career Model Transfers

· Policy 750 – International Temporary Transfers for Groups

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