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Web Developer Consultant

Job Location: San Jose

Regional Description: Costa Rica

Job Number: 00618434


- Job description

A professional with strong expertise in front end technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Able to manage the implementation of complex web sites, defining the architecture and development process.

Able to work with multiple projects to provide solutions that adhere to the latest standards and best practices.

5 years of experience in working with front end technologies is required.

At least 5 years of experience and academic background related.

Advance-Intermediate english.

Knowledge of web development basic standards and best practices in HTML5. Develop and design complex website architecture and structures.

Create advanced HTML5 static and dynamic, structures and templates. Understanding of HTML 4.0, XHTML and HTML5 semantics and best practices. Knowledge in HTML5 video, audio, canvas, SVG, forms validation and new semantic tags.

Integrate XHTML HTML5 pages and modules with a server side structures.

HTML5 LocalStorage API.

HTML5 GeoLocation API.


HTML5 Accessibility Features.

CSS, CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 cross browsing, pixel perfect concept, validation Strong knowledge of web development standards and best practices on CSS. Expertise in concepts like resets, pixel perfect, cross browsing.

Develop CSS stylesheets for complete web sites and following theme implementation patterns.

Knowledge of CSS3 selectors and properties round borders, gradients, nth child, transitions, keyframes.

Flexbox Knowledge in how to create CSS based themes.

Mobile Layouts Development liquid layouts.

Responsive Web Design Mobile First Approach.

Expert in Responsive Frameworks examples Bootstrap, Pure, Foundation, Compass, Gumby.

Expert in CSS pre processors SASS, LESS or Stylus.

Knowledge of CSS post processors PostCSS, autoprefixer, etc.

CSS Architectures OOCSS, SMACSS, Atomic Design, DoCSSa or MVCSS.

JS DOM, Core, JSON, AJAX, Frameworks jQuery, Node, Backbone, AngularJS Strong JavaScript knowledge ES5 and ES2015.

Expert on web development standards and best practices.

jQuery or similar framework selectors, events, effects, animations and AJAX requests .

Advanced knowledge in JavaScript libraries, components, best practices and standards. Knowledge in MVC frameworks examples Backbone.js, AngularJS, React, Vue.js, Ember, Knockout, etc.

Expert in one MVC framework, with proven experience.

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