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Accenture Credit Services

Accenture Credit Services provide end-to-end mortgage processing capabilities.


Accenture's credit transformation services and operating capabilities are valued by residential mortgage, commercial real estate and real estate investment trust (REIT) institutions around the world. Our deep credit domain expertise, systems integration and management, software and large-scale processing capabilities help clients overcome Industry Challenges and Become High-Performing credit Institutions. Read How Our credit Services will be Expanding with the Acquisition of Zenta

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  • Residential Mortgages Origination / Fulfillment. Accenture can deliver greater than 25 percent in Performance Optimization results:. Improvement cost, quality, pull-through conversion and Borrower experience This is Achieved by Applying progressive Manufacturing Discipline and quality Rigor to the operations we perform on Design and your behalf. Learn about Our Residential Mortgage Origination / Fulfillment solutions

  • Residential Mortgage Servicing and Default Management. Federal consent and Regulatory Mandates have Significantly Increased complexity of the Scope and Default servicing operations.

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NOTE: During this pre-closing period, Accenture and Zenta will continue to act independently At this stage, the parties have only signed an agreement and the closing is subject to a number of closing conditions that may or may not be satisfied Zenta employees.. will continue to be employees of Zenta and will not be Accenture employees until closing.

Why Accenture

Accenture has Proven, unmatched, End-to-End Capabilities to Help Their Lenders and servicers transform operations and position for High Performance

We can deliver:

  • A Full Range of Credit Services. Accenture Provides a full Suite of Market-Leading Capabilities across Technology, consulting and Processing. clients We Help Tackle the systemic and well-publicized Challenges in today's credit Industry.

  • An Industrialized Credit Processing "Factory." Accenture uses a flexible right-Shore Model that Delivers cost-efficiency, High quality and a Superb Customer experience.

  • Deep Credit Domain Expertise. We work with More than 100 Major credit Institutions Helping to Re-ENGINEER processes, optimize Workforce strategies, Technology and Implement better streamline operations.

  • Scalable Resources and Global Delivery Network. Accenture has More than 5,000 credit Deeply Skilled Professionals Delivering Onshore and Offshore solutions Globally. Learn More about Our Global Delivery Network.

  • Compliance licensure. Accenture is "SAFE Act" Licensed as a Mortgage Loan Originator in 34 U.S. States, and we are Continuing to expand Our license footprint.

Meet the Accenture Credit Services Team

Industry-leading expertise in credit services

Image of Terry Moore

Terry Moore
Global Managing Director, Accenture Credit Services
As global Managing Director of Accenture Credit Services, Terry Leads Accenture's consulting, Technology and business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services for Institutions in the Residential and Commercial Mortgage, Leasing and automotive Finance industries Globally. In this role, he is responsible for defining and executing the global vision and go-to-market strategy of Accenture Credit Services, including the 2011 acquisition of Dogwood. Terry was previously managing director of the Accenture banking practice in North America, which serves major retail and commercial banks throughout the United States and Canada. He has 20 years of experience leading large-scale business and technology transformations, advising banks and lenders on business strategy, market trends and board-level issues. Since joining Accenture in 1991, Terry has consulted for MOST of the Top Banks in the United States, as well as Leading Financial Institutions in Canada, Europe and Asia. Contact Terry Moore

Image of Ghazale Johnston

Ghazale Johnston
Lead, Accenture Credit Services in North America
As the lead for Accenture Credit Services in North America, Ghazale is Responsible for Bringing Accenture's consulting and systems Integration Services to the Residential and Commercial Lending Market. Since 1997, Ghazale has assisted many of the Top 20 US banks in both defining and implementing their strategic lending initiatives. She has led multiple, large-scale mortgage transformation programs focused on implementing new origination and servicing systems.

Ghazale is experienced in defining target lending operating models, helping top lenders build out business and Technology Implementation roadmaps, and Advising on the Selection and use of Industry-Leading Lending applications. She has authored Leadership Pieces Multiple research and thought on behalf of Accenture Credit Services and Serves as an Expert Advisor to clients across North America Mortgage. Contact Ghazale Johnston

Image of Elena Mazzotti

Elena Mazzotti
Lead, Accenture Credit Services in Europe, Africa and Latin America
Elena Leads Accenture Credit Services in Europe, Africa and Latin America where SHE Provides Institutions in the Residential Mortgage, corporate Lending, Consumer Finance and Leasing Businesses with tailored consulting and systems Integration solutions . Elena is also a director in Accenture's Italian banking practice, which serves major banking groups in Italy and emerging markets such as Turkey, Poland and the Czech Republic. She has over 14 years of experience advising global banks and credit institutions on market trends, business Model Transformation and Re-engineering service solutions across the credit value chain.Contact Elena Mazzotti.

Image of Andrew Pitcher

Andrew Pitcher
Managing Director, Accenture Financial Services, Asia-Pacific Banking
In Addition to serving as the Managing Director of the Accenture Banking practice in Asia Pacific, Andrew Leads Accenture Credit Services for the Region. He Specializes in defining credit for global Banks and operating Models Delivering Technology Transformation. Andrew has EXTENSIVE experience with Consumer and Commercial Lending, Customer relationship Management and Post-Merger Integration. Contact Andrew Pitcher