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Get Referred

Put yourself forward...

Accenture people are some of the most creative, forward-thinking people in the business world. So in our recruiting process we heavily rely on their opinion and recommendations. To take full advantage of the relationships you have with Accenture employees we’re excited to offer a new apply functionality – ‘Get Referred’.

With ‘Get Referred’, you now have the ability to search your social and professional networks for Accenture employees and ask them to personally refer you for the position. The process is very easy. Simply choose the job you would like to be referred for, upload your CV and cover letter, search your networks for someone you know who works at Accenture and then send in your request!

1. Find a job
Search Accenture open positions and find a job you would like to be referred for.

2. Search your social networks
Use our tool to search your LinkedIn and Facebook networks for people who already work at Accenture.

3. Submit your resume
Upload your CV and cover letter.

4. Send your referral request
Send a request to your contact asking to be referred.


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