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Job Listing

CDC-Technical Demands

工作地点: 大连

职位编号: 00209821

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- 工作描述

Accenture Technology Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accenture that employs technology enthusiasts who focus on application development, systems administration work, and software maintenance providing practical programming and technology implementation for business.

Job Description


Key responsibilities may include:
• Planning, analyzing and defining high-level software strategies and solutions through business, functional and technical expertise
• Supervising the design and implementation of analyses that will identify requirements related to people, processes and technology
• Implementing or supervising the implementation of the technical infrastructure
• Integrating technical and application components
• Designing the framework of a technical infrastructure
• Assisting in researching potential vendors of software applications
• Supervising the designing, coding and testing of program modules
• Supervising the maintenance, repair and tuning of applications; directing user support activities; managing preventive maintenance activities
• Overseeing the creation, execution and documentation of tests
• Supervising identification of configuration changes
• Leading team in implementing all actions required to deploy an application
• Recommending efforts in defining characteristics, capabilities, inputs, outputs, and results necessary to describe the required functionality of the selected technolog(ies)
• Assisting in identifying, analyzing, mitigating and responding to project and operational risks
• Assisting in utilizing efficient and effective processes and standards in order to continuously improve quality
• Assisting in determining resource status and needs, and assisting in deploying resources

• 3+ years work experience required


Professional Skill Requirements

• Ability to contribute to a high-performing, motivated workgroup by applying interpersonal and collaboration skills to achieve project goals and realize value
• Ability to contribute to the creation of an environment that motivates individuals to work collaboratively as a team
• Ability to work creatively and analytically in a problem-solving environment
• Desire to work in an information systems environment
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Flexibility
• Excellent time management skills
• Good project management skills
• Basic leadership skills
• Basic performance management skills


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