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Digital Enterprise

Enabling new operating models and business processes, connected product platforms, analytics and collaboration capabilities to enhance productivity.


Digital is radically transforming the Enterprise

Digital is transforming today's enterprise through more efficient business processes and leveraging digital technologies that enable new operating models.

The disruptive impact on the enterprise is forcing companies, organizations, and governments to reimagine traditional functions - everything that drives a connected enterprise across business functions including finance, HR, operations, and more.

Through digital transformation, organizations can offer products, services and value to customers, patients and citizens that were not even imagined just a few years ago. We are helping our clients unleash the full potential of digital.

Digital Technologies Reshaping How We Work and Live


Digital Strategy & Business Architecture

  • Digital Corporate Functions

  • Digital Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Operations

  • Digital Connected Products

Digital Applications

Digital Connected Devices



Industrial Internet of Things

A truly digital enterprise does more than use new technology - it replaces old operating models with digital ones that can be incorporated into product platforms and analytics

With efficient, digital processes in place, employees have more time for innovation and tackling higher-level priorities.

According to research we conducted with GE, nearly two-thirds of industrial companies said they use big data analytics to find and quickly solve issues with equipment or assets. This capability is key in making the transformation to becoming a fully digital operation.

The evolving Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is also significantly upping the ante for industrial companies. With the data that the IIoT generates, companies can develop strategies for optimizing their products and operations.

Being digital goes beyond just being a computerized business or government. It opens the doors to creating new strategies, operating models, and products.


What is the Digital Enterprise?

A key feature of the digital enterprise is its ability to bring people together, regardless of location. In this video, Accenture Chief Information Officer Andrew Wilson describes how leveraging internal social collaboration tools is integral to driving business forward in the digital era.


Michael (Mike) R. Sutcliff​​​

Group Chief Executive—Accenture Digital

Mike Sutcliff is group chief executive of Accenture Digital, which integrates digital assets, software and services across digital marketing, analytics and mobility to help clients drive growth and create new sources of value.

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