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Olympus: Public Cloud Computing Operation Model Success

Cloud Computing: Olympus wanted to launch a service that would make it easy and fun for consumers to manage all their photo needs in one place online.


That meant it needed to create an integrated cloud solution that would let consumers back up and store pictures, share their photos with friends, print their favorites and create digital slideshows and photo albums in the cloud. By integrating all the stages of the digital photography in one place, Olympus wanted to make themselves a one-stop-shop for all their consumers’ photo needs. It chose Accenture's public cloud knowledge to turn this goal into reality.

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Key Findings

Accenture worked with Olympus to analyze the opportunity available from launching a new online service, and then set about designing and creating the right cloud operating model. Having established the cloud operating model, Accenture then helped Olympus develop the services, which runs on a public cloud, using our Web development architecture solution called Accenture Extendable Custom Architecture.

Accenture’s cloud computing knowledge and experience extends across public and private cloud computing. Olympus opted to use Amazon’s public cloud services leveraging the Accenture team’s familiarity and experience in all the relevant tools to build, operate and maintain the service including:

  • Amazon EC2 with Web, App and DB instances

  • Amazon EBS, S3

  • Amazon CloudFront

  • External System Integration

  • Analytics Integration

What's Next?

Using the public cloud environment on which the service runs delivered a five-fold decrease in system integration and development costs. By using cloud computing to operate the service Olympus can use precisely the amount of computing power it needs and can easily increase this as service demands grow. The hardware costs associated with a cloud solution are also much lower and deliver further cost savings directly to Olympus.

The initial service launched in the Japan and US markets in early November 2010, with a global service launch targeted for the future. The service is available at and delivers users a comprehensive package with which to manage all their digital photography needs, helping to deepen and enrich consumers’ relationships with the Olympus brand and ensuring that Olympus stays at the forefront of the digital photography market.