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Metso: Digitizing global people management function using SAP SuccessFactors

Accenture is helping Metso standardize and integrate global people management processes by implementing a cloud-based SuccessFactors HCM solution.


To remain competitive in the face of changing business dynamics, Metso wanted to standardize people management processes for its global workforce. Accenture helped the company improve the quality and efficiency of its global HR processes, including compensation and talent management, by implementing a cloud-based HCM platform using cloud-based SuccessFactors HCM platform. The new system provides faster, easier and more reliable access to managers and employees across a variety of HR processes, improving efficiency and productivity, increasing transparency and enhancing data quality and security.


In the face of changing business dynamics, Metso recognized that its people held the key to ongoing competitiveness and success. However, with a global workforce spread over 50 countries and a variety of HR information systems in place, the company lacked standard people management processes or tools to support its ambitious goals. To improve the efficiency and quality of its people management practices and build a more holistic solution, Metso launched its PeoplePoint initiative in 2014. As part of this initiative, the company determined to standardize HR processes, including compensation and talent management, globally using a cloud-based SuccessFactors human capital management (HCM) platform. Accenture’s understanding of the company’s industries, experience in complex, global SAP implementations and range of proprietary resources made it a natural choice to ally on this initiative.


Accenture and Metso teamed to plan and implement a comprehensive SuccessFactors solution in three releases; aligning SuccessFactors’ HR standards and processes with Metso’s new global structure and standards, centralizing functions and managing the integration with Metso’s existing SAP HCM on-premise system and other legacy applications. The first release was completed globally in just five months for SuccessFactors Goal & Performance Management, Compensation Management and Variable Pay modules. In parallel, Accenture also supported Metso in executing a six-week proof of concept for Employee Central and analytics to help make recommendations and create “to-be scenarios” for a future core HR functionality.

In the second release, Recruitment Management, and Succession Planning modules were rolled out with an Onboarding module to be completed Business Go-live in January 2016. A future, third release of SuccessFactors will complete Metso’s digitization of its people management solutions and focus on Employee Central. This release will enable a set of capabilities which will provide employees and management with greater access to their personnel profiles and career tracks, provide new social media channels for targeted communications and realize enhanced analytics goals.

Throughout the initiative, clear, consistent communications shared across the Metso organization was critical in building engagement. To help ensure rapid delivery and effectively manage costs in each release, Accenture assembled select resources from Finland, Sweden, the US, as well as relying on a South African delivery center and the SAP HCM SuccessFactors Solution Factory in Bengaluru, India.


Metso’s new cloud-based SuccessFactors HCM solution serves as the backbone of its PeoplePoint initiative, enabling standardized, global people management capabilities for both managers and employees.

The new system is helping the company:

Improve visibility—employee data from multiple HCM processes are now centralized, allowing appropriate team views, more precise reporting and timely dashboard management of priorities. Among other benefits it promotes better understanding of corporate business targets, enhances transparency, and enables employees to contribute more effectively towards its achievement.

Enhance data quality and security—with data access and compliance automated, the use of manual spreadsheets has been eliminated and numerous processes streamlined. Employee master data is now visible to both employees and managers in a user-friendly interface, allowing the company to react faster to issues and more accurately plan for future requirements.

Increase productivity and employee engagement— the cloud-based solution provides faster, easier and more reliable access to managers and employees across a variety of performance review and compensation processes. One example: The time 646 planning managers spend on annual salary planning has been cut in half from 8 weeks to 4.

Strengthen agility and innovation—SuccessFactors’s cloud-based service allows Metso to focus on core strengths and leverage improvements and innovations to the solution as soon as they become available as well as scaling capacity as needed for future business requirements.

Digitizing Metso’s HR function in a scalable, cloud-based solution is helping the company address its business performance goals and the providing its employees with the tools and resources that contribute to a productive and satisfying work environment.

Accenture has helped us move with confidence and speed to digitize our people management functions using SAP Success Factors. Our new capabilities have better positioned us to address a competitive global marketplace and respond to our employees’ needs,
V.P. Compensation & Performance, Metso