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Global CPG company: Reaching consumers in new ways

Global digital marketing, consumer data management and campaign management solution help improve value for global CPG company.


A global consumer packaged goods (CPG) company tapped Accenture’s digital marketing skills to improve the value, quality and efficiency of its consumer marketing database and e-mail campaign operations in the United States and Canada. Accenture and the company collaborated closely to develop a real-time marketing database and campaign management platform.

Accenture Interactive offered a new operating model, global consumer database and campaign management and analytics platform to power the client’s consumer marketing campaigns—while improving quality, speeding time to market and reducing costs by 30 percent.


A global CPG company faced high costs and delivery performance issues with its marketing database and e-mail campaign operations in the United States. It also lacked important, cutting-edge technology skills to execute more real-time social and mobile campaigns, which many of its competitors were already doing.

The company realized that it needed to move to a more flexible, scalable digital marketing services model while lowering costs. It selected Accenture to design, build and execute the new model with standardized processes, governance, workflow and pre-launch testing.


Accenture worked with the company to create a new global digital marketing consumer data management and campaign management solution to improve the quality, speed to market, flexibility and value of its marketing campaigns. Some of the key results achieved include the following:

  • Executing over 100 Spanish- and English-language e-mail campaigns, coded and tested annually, encompassing more than 400 million messages.

  • Targeting digital coupons with precise control of marketing spend and ability to capture redemption to close the loop.

  • Supporting the client and third-party agencies on all database work, campaigns and analytics that involve capture and/or use of consumer data.

  • Overseeing all new consumer database build/technical updates and complex data analytics requests.

  • Developing standard reports and dashboards and providing analytic insights and ad hoc reporting services.

  • Supporting segmentation and analytic modeling efforts with 60-plus micro-segments and propensity models to target consumers.

  • Providing a framework with the ability to conduct multivariate testing to support 132 campaign cells in targeting the right offer to the right segment with the right messaging.


Together, Accenture and the company improved the quality, speed and flexibility of its marketing campaign execution while lowering delivery costs. Key outcomes include the following:

Better Value

  • Cost reductions of approximately 30 percent when compared to the incumbent database provider by using lower-cost, offshore resources and a cloud-based solution.

  • Use of accelerators to transfer knowledge and get the project up and running within 20 weeks.

  • New digital marketing capabilities to optimize marketing spend through targeted allocation using proven data.

  • Low total cost of ownership of digital assets with a marketing platform that can be scaled globally.

Greater speed and flexibility

  • Increased speed-to-market and control via a standardized platform, common tools and campaign automation.

  • Ability to quickly increase or decrease staffing based on business needs, using Accenture Delivery Centers.

  • Real-time dialogue marketing services to engage consumers in e-mail, SMS, social and offer channels.

Improved quality

  • Teams can monitor and optimize business key performance indicators with real-time digital dashboards that capture results from each digital marketing campaign.

  • Marketing managers no longer have to sweat the details of campaign execution and can focus on marketing strategy using reliable data to guide decision making.

  • Standardized processes ease transitions to new ad agencies.

  • Use of best practices from other industries to improve campaign effectiveness.