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Accenture Video Analytics

Accenture’s approach to video analytics, the science of applying computer vision algorithms to video surveillance feeds, enables our clients to increase their situational awareness and collect meaningful operational, marketing and security insights.


Accenture Video Analytics Service Platform can automatically identify and analyze events related to security and safety, operational efficiency, customer behaviors and can also help operation centers gain deeper understanding of current operations, including being immediately notified when a new event occurs. This allows organizations to focus operations, marketing and security leads on analyzing actionable business insights, relying on “electronic eyes” to watch—without blinking—all of the video feeds available on a 24x7 basis.

With our extensive industry experience, combined with our technology and business acumen and ongoing pursuit of technology innovation, Accenture is uniquely positioned to help organizations maximize the business value of their closed circuit television (CCTV) investments and lay a foundation for high performance.

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Why Accenture

Accenture helps organizations create a cost-effective and reliable video analytics solution that drives high performance.

We offer:

  • Deep skills and experience: Building on our strong credentials in Biometrics and Facial Recognition Technology, we have developed a layered, modular, vendor agnostic video analytics solution that enables organizations to unlock greater value from their existing CCTV investments.

  • Vendor independence: We have strong relationships with a number of technology providers that can be used interchangeably to suit the client’s needs. These alliances not only expand and accelerate the value we deliver, but also provide deep knowledge about specific technologies and applications.

  • A business focus: We work closely with our clients to deliver video analytics solutions that align with their unique business objectives, boost business agility and enable an environment of innovation and continuous improvement.

  • Industrialized approach to service delivery: We apply proven and reusable tools, methods and processes to ensure that our work is carried out consistently around the world and with less risk.

  • Best-of-breed technologies: Our solution makes it possible to choose the best technology providers for any given function. Any analytics module can be replaced with the best-of-breed technology as new and better performing technologies emerge on the market.

Specific Services

The Accenture Video Analytics Service Platform integrates a wide variety of functionalities, technical capabilities and third-party technology providers, according to needs. It therefore provides a tailored solution that can grow and adapt to changing scenarios and requirements as well as technology advancements, without risking vendor lock-in.

Specific services include:

  • Customer space management services: We help our clients optimize their customer facing facilities by providing them with actionable operational and marketing insights.

  • Transportation services: We help our clients create a safer transportation environment, efficiently monitor people flows, streamline operations and increase insights in customer behaviors.

  • Intelligent cities services: We provide our clients with enhanced situational awareness, by combining and analyzing multiple sources of information into centralized, meaningful business alerts.

  • Security services: We assist our clients in protecting their citizens and critical infrastructures.

See how the Accenture Video Analytics Service Platform is being used at the Safe City pilot program for Singapore.

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